Working from home? This Mumbai office by Essajees Atelier feels like your living room

JUN 18, 2024 | By Rhea Mulani
Soft forms and light wood accompany the marble flooring in the workspace; Photography by Talib Chitalwala
Accents of green enliven the space, adding to the cosy charm; Photography by Talib Chitalwala
Designed like a home, the workspace provides a comfortable environment for the inhabitants; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Every inch of this 6,200 sq ft space dares to deviate from the textbook, defying the laws of modern luxury along the way. Welcome to Waterfield Advisory’s new office in Mumbai, designed by the arbiters of genteel interiors — Essajees Atelier

Waterfield — a wealth management firm easily among the upper echelons of the country’s financial circuit, expressed a clear design intent from the very beginning. “The client was straightforward, easy and sorted,” reveals Sarah Sham, Principal Architect at Essajees Atelier. The ask? An immaculate space, renounced of conventional corporate elements, that whispers quiet luxury in an unmistakably subtle voice reverberating across the space. The result? All that and more. 

Essajees Atelier
Light wood walls and a curved sofa underneath a striking chandelier create a dramatic effect; Photography by Talib Chitalwala


Essajees Atelier
Unrestricted elegance makes her presence felt at the entrance itself; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

En-rich-ing interiors

Waterfield’s expansive office remains endowed with regally refined elements, straight off the well-established moodboard. The bare shell space did not command any structural changes, instead making a stylish statement with its taupe wall-fluting, larger-than-life chandeliers and intricate wainscoting that construct a picture-perfect frame. 

Essajees Atelier
Emerald walls and an elliptical table in all black together create a dramatic effect; Photography by Talib Chitalwala


There is clarity within the chaos, evident through the artfully decorated interiors; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Exuding grandeur, the lobby boasts a dramatic entrance with marble inlay flooring that runs seamlessly across the space. A bank of workstations and cabins sit on the left, while the Chief Executive Officer’s cabin, conference room, Zoom pods and an open workstation occupy the area on the right. 

A statement chandelier piece steals the “spotlight” with inimitable grace; Photography by Talib Chitalwala


Taupe wall fluting is a nod to the designer’s attention to detail; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

“We designed the entire space thinking of it as a private home and not as an office,” the Principal Architect of Essajees Atelier reveals. Aristocratically opulent, the area eschews the use of conventional elements. Shunning design predictability with utmost grace, Essajees deliberately chooses finesse over flashy to exhibit the patina of a homely space well-lived in. 

Spatial interiors add a pragmatic element to the space that enjoys ample natural sunlight; Photography by Talib Chitalwala


Cushiony sofas and thoughtful decor intently blur the lines between corporate and residential; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Colours, cabins and characteristics

The elite visual imagery of the office —  — a plausible extension of the client’s impressive portfolio — comes alive through the use of primarily raw materials, panelling, marble, stones and more. Drenched in muted tones, the colour palette is punctuated with small pops of colour, be it the mint green upholstery or the eclectic artwork adorning the walls. 

Uncluttered and uncomplicated, the ambience says it all. The decorative wallpaper makes for a playful touch. Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Adhering to the owner’s ask, Sarah envisioned each unit to possess a distinct identity of its own, akin to the varying personas of rooms within a household. For Saumya Rajan, CEO of Waterfield Advisory, the team designed an elegant cabin with purposeful intent to complement the magnate’s chic aesthetic. While creating the server room came with its own set of challenges, Sarah’s clarity of thought brought with it rewarding results. 

Herringbone flooring adds character to the otherwise understated interiors; Photography by Talib Chitalwala


A hexagonal backsplash of sage tiles adorns the mirror-clad washroom, complete with hanging lights; Photography by Talib Chitalwala

Make no mistakes, for despite epitomising luxury, Waterfield’s office is hardly nouveau riche, instead leaving onlookers lost in reverie with its quintessentially posh demeanour. Designed with dexterity, Essajees Atelier’s signature style makes for a tasteful tribute to the company’s dynastic legacy. A class act!

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