Half the size, double the detail — This Mumbai home by Studio Elysian and Rupal Kothari Design is confident and comforting

JUN 2, 2023 | By Aanya Jain
The sun-lit living room is tied together by a woven rug from Loops by Latika. The furniture pieces are upholstered in fabrics from Casa Decor. Paintings from Art by Nida Abbasi are paired with a hanging light from Terra Trading in the airy intimate space; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi
Curved details frame the view of the living area from the dining area. Raw materials take centre stage with a light from The Kaelido Store, balanced out by modern accessories from McGee & co. in the minimal oak bookshelf; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

A vision of refined comfort, located in close proximity to Mumbai, is an artistic sanctum that is home to three headstrong women. And interestingly, one of them happens to be the designer of the space as well, tucked close to the highway, yet nestled among the trees in Thane. To create this home, Rhea Khanna (the homeowner) and Krisha Shah, the duo behind Studio Elysian along with Rupal Kothari Design teamed up for the first time as a creative force, despite being split by a 12-hour time difference. 

With a modest area of 1,350 sq ft, the residence encompasses three bedrooms, an open plan living and dining space, and a compact kitchen. 

Hand painted art by a young artist in Kanpur is hung beside a timeless lamp from Jainsons Emporio. A marble table adorned with accessories from McGee & co. sits atop a custom rug from Loops by Latika; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi


The patterned stone floor from Adenwala Fort continues into the living room as a solid floor. A lamp shade sourced from Cotton & Satins completes the credenza accentuated by arches; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

Maximising the minimised

Rhea, along with her fellow homeowners, mother and grandmother, transitioned from a six-bedroom house with six residents, to a three-bedroom apartment with three residents. A jarring change, the crux of curating the interiors was creating ample storage without compromising on a free-flowing layout. 

With the three generations ranging over 60 years, the house had to be able to wear many hats. A space that hosts endless evening soirees. A space that is conducive to afternoon coffees. A space that is meditative and peaceful. Knocking down walls and transforming the existing layout was the only way to bring the family’s vision of having an astutely arranged home to life. 

Natural light filters in through the panelled sliding doors. A bespoke chair brings out the grey hues in the stone floor from Adenwala Fort; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi


Sustainable materials form the envelope of the open plan living and dining room. The crockery unit is a mix of wood, paint and marble along with diamond glass. Representing the three women’s personalities are accessories from McGee & co. on the built-in shelves; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

Despite using hardy materials that stand their own, this home is ruled by a subdued palette. The textures of wood, stone and paint work together to bring about a zen like atmosphere. The sanctuary of strong willed women, the home doesn’t compete with them. Instead, it supports their resolute minds to flow freely. Meditative and serene, the colour palette works with the materials to craft a cocoon of comfort.

A strong footing

With a neutral palette that drapes the spaces in hues of beige, each room is characterised by a different floor. The usually mundane act of walking through the home is made captivating by a change in flooring across spaces — the stone in the living space brings about a versatile mood, the wood in the bedrooms facilitates a sense of calm, while the kitchen boasts glossy ceramic tiles. Grounding the home from the first step is the entry, with a patterned river washed stone floor. 

A masterpiece of laidback luxury, the living room transitions to large square stone slabs laid in a staggering pattern. Softened by lambi textured hand painted walls, the floor washed in a clear coat has a finessed sheen. Chic, customised furniture shows an appreciation for functional brilliance, able to cater to the entertaining or solitude needs of the family. Embracing the muted palette is the dining space tucked beside the wall, allowing for ample natural light to penetrate through. Large enough to dance the night away yet intimate enough to feel safe, these living spaces are where everything comes together. 

The wooden dining table is flanked by light chairs on one side and a bench on the other. Pieces from Art by Nida Abbasi work in perfect harmony with the pendant light from The Kaelido Store; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

3 generations, 3 bedrooms, 3 designers

Organic silhouettes invite you further into the home, with the daughter’s bedroom fitted with a wooden floor. The muddy tones bleed into the room without being overwhelming. Catering to an avid reader, the window was fitted with a seat, ideal to recharge after a long day. 

Abutting the daughter’s room are the mother and grandmother’s rooms. With similar feelings of tranquillity and serenity, they were designed keeping in mind their differing personalities. Easy to maintain, cane and brass accents complement the wooden floors and bring out their raw and timeless feel.

A metal bed from The Original Bed Company adds a touch of sophistication, brought together by cushions from Altrove. Suspended from the unconventional sage green ceiling is a light from Ikea. Chevron flooring from Infloor brings warmth to the room; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi


Natural materials define this bright room. Off-white cushions from Altrove dress the bed along with a light sourced from Voylite beside it; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi


Drawing the eyes is this built in shelving unit beside the cosy window seat; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

Tied by texture

By gravitating toward natural materials, like the wood and stone spanning the floors, the trio has ensured that the home will grow with the generations. Adding understated luxury to the cohesion are the plush semi glossy walls. 

Natural light is celebrated in this bedroom through the dull shimmer of the geometric wallpaper; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi


Taking a slight departure from the neutral theme of the home, yet grounded, is this bathroom wrapped in blue. An elliptical mirror is poised above the counter clad in royal blue ceramic tiles; Photography by Yadnyesh Joshi

Meticulous attention to the planning of this residence enabled the family to downsize their home comfortably. By ensuring that everything from a shoe to a suitcase has its own space, clutter was avoided and instead, a sense of ease was evoked. “We strongly believe that designing any space goes way beyond what your eyes can perceive. It’s also a lot about the experience it empowers you with, the senses it would awaken,” muses Krisha. 

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