MUJI opens its first flagship store in New Delhi

MAY 10, 2017 | By Nishita Fiji
L-R:MUJI’s newly launched flagship store in New Delhi is located in Select Citywalk mall, Saket;Part of Japan’s Ryohin Keikaku Co. Ltd., MUJI builds its products uniquely around its design philosophy of simplicity, flexibility and modesty;The brand retails about 8,000 diverse products including clothes, household articles, stationery and food;The brand’s name originates from the Japanese phrase ‘Mujirushi Ryohin’ which translates to ‘no-brand, good quality’.
After a great response in Bengaluru and Mumbai, Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI is now expanding to New Delhi with a flagship store in Select Citywalk mall. To celebrate the opening, the label held two exhibitions at the mall’s atrium during the launch. The first one showcased an archive of posters by Japanese graphic designers Ikko Tanaka and Kenya Hara. The second was a display of iconic products like the Right Angle Sock, Aroma Diffuser and Beads Sofa.
If you’ve never experienced the sophisticated label’s offerings before, we list out three reasons we are obsessed with MUJI’s philosophy and what you should look forward to in the New Delhi store.
1. The company stands for a utilitarian aesthetic that focuses on simplicity, flexibility and modesty and has been propagating this message since its origin in 1980.
2. All products are top notch quality with no frills. The brand’s name originates from the Japanese phrase ‘Mujirushi Ryohin’ which translates to ‘no-brand, good quality’. Therefore, products they retail are truly fundamental to everyday life, devoid of unnecessary complexities.
3. A wide range of offerings with an approximate of 8,000 products are sold here including furniture, storage units, stationery, clothing and more. We hear that back in the ’80s, it began with a mere total of 40 products.
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