5 reasons Why ELLE DECOR India loves the salt and pepper Motimahal restaurant in Vadodara by UNEVEN

JUL 5, 2022 | By Twinkle Tolani
Partition shaped like arches in a clean, grey finish strike the perfect balance between contemporary and vernacular at the Motimahal restaurant; Photographs by Darshan Dave
The use of fluted glass and potted greens bring a classy and sophisticated look to the restaurant; Photographs by Darshan Dave
Browns subtly accentuate the purity and serenity of the sombre grey shades at Mohimahal restaurant, Vadodara; Photographs by Darshan Dave

Designed by Dexter Fernandes and Shourya Patel of UNEVEN, the Motimahal restaurant in Vadodara looks like a scene straight out of a black and white movie. Myriad shades of grey, vernacular details and a defining contemporary ambience impart the restaurant a truly unique and remixed look.

Here are five things that made ELLE DECOR India fall in love with Motimahal restaurant

A new kind of white

All-white interiors are not unheard of; what stands (or doesn’t) about these hues at Motimahal, Vadodara is the sobriety of the otherwise bright shade. Its usage in the design serves the true purpose of interiors—to blend in the background and let the people and their activities take centre stage.

The ‘peek-a-boo’ ceiling

Made out of a coalition of mirrors and reclaimed wood—cut in shapes reminiscent of traditional architecture—the ceiling presents an enigma as it reflects the patterned flooring and flaunts an assemble of intricate woodwork all at the same time. Accompanied by round ceiling-hung lamps, the resultant is a cheeky element that has visitors craning their necks as they walk to their tables. 

Ohh, so rooted!

As mentioned earlier, traditional details are a characteristic of the restaurant. From the cane-woven backrests to the bulbous apex of tables tapering towards the end, the space comes with an innate Indianness to it. Partitions with wooden frames and fluted glass panels boast artsy colloquial motifs buttressing the Indian accent in the restaurant. 

Choose your ambience

The left side of the restaurant houses a fine-dine space partially concealed behind thin curtains and vernacular wooden profiles complete with emblems in a distressed finish. To the right side, a seating arrangement along the glass façade on a soft grey wooden deck paired with some plants imbues a more out-in-the-open vibe. 

The sweet, sweet interruptions of coffee browns

Confidently existing amongst a sea of greys, browns as stained wood finishes and soft furnishings seep into Motimahal, Vadodara gingerly like drip coffee. These sepia tones provide a tangible outline to otherwise seamless interiors in the restaurant.

From covert to basking in daylight, the restaurant has two seating options to offer visitors; Photographs by Darshan Dave


To further follow through with outdoor area of the restaurant, potted plants and wooden elements are introduced; Photographs by Darshan Dave


Glass is rampantly used in the interiors of the restaurant, as the bridging element between contemporary and traditional interventions; Photographs by Darshan Dave


Light-toned curtains slightly conceal each booth of the fine dining space, targeting both privacy and thematic concerns at once; Photographs by Darshan Dave


The detail of the balustrades and poles in the fine dining booths cement the vernacular theme of Motimahal, Vadodara; Photographs by Darshan Dave


Even though greys are the primary colours used, layering through finishes and patterns imparts a rich, opulent feel to the space; Photographs by Darshan Dave


The bronze finished pipes running through the intriguing ceiling, also present an element that ties contemporary musings with traditional influences; Photographs by Darshan Dave