Mix Master: Contrasting designs for a bold statement

DEC 9, 2015 | By Aditi Gaitonde
Sofa, side tables and armchairs from Windmill Interiors; Pillows from Abraham and Thakore; Granite coffee table created by resident craftsman Dharmender; Wooden box from Japan; Musical instrument from Auroville; Small brass lota from Benares

We promise mixing prints is easier than rocket science – all it needs is trial and error, and going with your gut. The best way to play with patterns like a pro is to pick a limiting palette or a theme.

As seen in this photograph, architect Pradeep Sachdeva chose a more traditional look for his living room in his home in New Delhi, taking this style through his upholstery, tiles as well as accessories like using wooden furniture, Nepalese hand woven fabrics and objets d’art.

Our tip: Pick a story within a particular colour theme (animals, Japanese garden, The Mahabharata make interesting choices), and let these patterns inject life and visual interest into your interiors.