MillerKnoll India commemorates Women’s Day with stories of resilience and growth

MAR 12, 2024 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
Photograph courtesy of MillerKnoll
Photograph courtesy of MillerKnoll

In a vibrant celebration of Women’s Day, MillerKnoll India turned the spotlight on their remarkable women, engaging in profound discussions that unveiled stories of resilience, leadership and transformative growth. These dialogues were a deep dive into the lives, challenges and triumphs of the women who are integral to the company’s success,  highlighting the organisation’s commitment to nurturing a supportive environment for its people. 

Work-life harmony 

The organisation’s journey towards inclusivity has been both transformational and impactful. By implementing comprehensive support systems, flexible work arrangements and enabling women in leadership, the organization has encouraged women to pursue their career aspirations while ensuring their well-being. 

One of the cornerstone policies is extended maternity leave and flexible timings, which have been significantly benefitting young mothers. These policies have been crafted with empathy and understanding of the unique challenges that women go through, providing thoughtful support during life’s critical stages. Gestures such as the introduction of welcome kits for newborns exemplify the company’s empathetic approach towards its women workforce. “From the moment a team member shares the news of her pregnancy, we come together to ease her journey and gradually lessen her workload,” says Shama Sultana, a team lead. This supportive stance is reinforced by everyone in the team, ensuring a stress-free transition into motherhood.  The organization’s hybrid working model and security protocols, which include safety measures for late commutes, also reflect a deep-rooted commitment to creating a workplace that women love to be a part of. 

Leadership and growth opportunities 

A crucial form of support that the company extends is its stand on equal opportunity. This comes with ensuring a level playing field for all their people, fostering an environment where talent thrives irrespective of gender. “Men work like women do and women work like men do.  My gender does not make me less capable in any way,” shares Sapna Kavalur, Team Lead CBS. This stands true for Kavya N, who has transitioned from CBS to being a lead in the  Seating Line; Sapna Sapna Kavalur, who has evolved from a trainee to a team lead; and Sunita  Dutto, a visually impaired member, who now holds a key HR position. 

Their stories embody the spirit of growth and opportunity at MillerKnol, showcasing an enabling culture for women to pursue their dreams and aspirations without boundaries. Their stories,  woven with personal dedication and professional evolution, reflect a culture where support allows every woman to unfold her potential and ascend to new heights. “When I first joined, I 

was more on the reserved side and, I’ll be honest, had a bit of an attitude. But over time, I  opened up and got better with people skills, all thanks to my manager and team,” shares  Shashi, Associate-Seating Line, Bidadi. 

Photograph courtesy of MillerKnoll

Innovation, dialogue and inclusion 

Initiatives such as ‘Trash to Treasure’, a woman-led project by Suma Ravindra, Director of  Global Product Engineering, have not only promoted sustainability but have also encouraged creativity and teamwork among engineers. This project, alongside others, underscores the emphasis that MillerKnoll places on women’s contributions to innovation and leadership within the organization. These initiatives have helped foster a better bond among team members and also encourage social responsibility. 

The commitment to strengthening connections and building empathy is evident with initiatives such as ‘Espresso Yourself’. Here, they encourage open conversations and break down stereotypes. These efforts, alongside the support for education and skill development, reflect the company’s mission to support women in every way possible. The firm encourages a workplace where open conversations with management are the norm, fostering a collaborative atmosphere. “The warmth and approachability of our managers make MillerKnoll a special place to work,” shared Padmashree R, Screening Line Lead, underscoring the value of inclusivity and teamwork. 

The organisation’s inclusive culture is further enriched by its Business Resource Groups  (BRGs), which offer platforms for their people to express themselves, share experiences and gain insights from their peers. These forums have played a crucial role in breaking down gender stereotypes and building a culture of mutual respect and understanding. They help women to stand as beacons of support for one another, enhancing camaraderie and belongingness. 

In its celebration of women’s achievements and initiatives, the organisation continues to reiterate its commitment to building a workplace that champions diversity, encourages leadership and nurtures talent across all levels. 

Photograph courtesy of MillerKnoll

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