Work, play and live: At home in New Delhi with food blogger and author Shivesh Bhatia

JAN 9, 2024 | By Tanvee Abhyankar and Tamanna Doctor
The studio kitchen is where Shivesh and his team shoot videos; Photograph by Ankush Maria
A look at Bhatia's cookbooks; Photograph by Ankush Maria

Concept And Style Direction Mrudul Pathak Kundu And Yashika Punjabee; Produced By Shriti Das And Vaidehi Tikekar

From reels to reality, from the screens and into their home—meet the digital creators who are ruling social media. What makes them tick, their take on design, decor, forecasts and more. Dive into a slice of their lives, off cameras, when the record button stops!

Making a home is like making a wholesome seven tiered cake—all ingredients must be in accurate proportions, perfectly iced, and a delicious frosting to seal the deal. So is the case with Shivesh Bhatia’s house in Delhi where sugar, spice and all things nice come together alongside a personal proportion for everything.

A sound balance of colours, carefully sprinkled patterns, and a customised wallpaper which is akin to a delightful frosting in the grander scheme of things—Shivesh found the perfect recipe for decor as well. With most of the pieces in the house handpicked and personally revamped by Shivesh, the space speaks volumes about him and the phase of life which he embraces gracefully and calls “edgy and experimental”. Because the revamped house was born out of his comfort phase, it has encouraged him to take bold and audacious design directions. With time, the house has become a safe haven, a place where Shivesh can breathe calmly, think rationally and do what he loves the most—bake!

Shivesh Bhaitia
The studio kitchen is where Shivesh Bhatia and his team shoot videos; Photograph by Ankush Maria


Shivesh Bhaitia
Looking on to the outdoors from the studio kitchen; Photograph by Ankush Maria


Shivesh Bhaitia
Perfectly proportioned ingredients and balance is key to not just baked goods but also to design and decor; Photograph by Ankush Maria


Shivesh Bhaitia
Yoda is Shivesh’s adopted family who sits poised against the customised wallpaper by Kalakaari Haath; Photograph by Ankush Maria

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