Mean Greens: 10 unusual planters for your indoor garden

DEC 2, 2015 | By ELLE DECOR Team

Home buds, here’s a great reason to totally love indoor gardening. These trendy pots won’t just support and nourish your green friends but also make great lively accents in your living area, dining room or balcony.
1. The Nomad Planter Set up a hanging garden with these cute pouches that will work your green thumb. Imagined by the duo from New York and Paris – Miriam Josi and Stella Lee Prowse, it was created using scrapped sailcloth from Bronx boatyards. Put its versatility to test – suspend these from the ceiling or simply place them on your dining table as centrepieces. Website: www.thegardenapartment.com2. Monstera Let these creepy planters designed by Tim Van De Weerd, invade your space. Displaying a high gloss lacquer body with fragile looking legs made of steel bars, the plant resembles a crawly alien.Website: www.timvandeweerd.nl3. Wearable Planters Rather than dazzling diamonds opt for Colleen Jordan’s Wearable Planters. Each colourful piece is 3D printed and holds actual tiny flora. These creations will have you saying, “I do”.Website: www.wearableplanter.com4. Chiara pots Sereno’s statuesque pots literally light up the path to a greener planet. During the day, the translucent brown stone-finish accent with its hammered hive texture, looks like a contemporary art piece. At night, the LED vase lights up for aesthetic effect. Website: Idilli wig vases Let foliage get funky in these Idilli wig vases by Portuguese designer Tania da Cruz. The feminine head shaped ceramic containers allow users to create verdant hairdos and steal a smile from onlookers.Website: www.idilli.com6. Boxcar Revolution Design House in Portland collaborated with 13 artists from all over the US to turn a set of succulent planters into works of art. Boxcar features a collection of solid wood pieces that have been modified, painted on and even bejewelled. Website: www.

7. Geotextile plant bagsThese geotextile plant bags are permeable to let the soil breathe and water pass through. They also protect the roots and are UV, tear and traction resistant. Website: www.bacsac.fr8. Rainy PotRainy Pot is a wall-hung flowerpot with a cloud shaped water filter. Pour water into the opening on top of the cloud, and “raindrops” will fall through small holes at its base and onto the sapling below.Website: www.dailylifelab.com9. Water tank planters Keep a green work desk with To+wn Design’s miniature tanks inspired from New York’s rooftop water towers. Made specially for growing wheatgrass, the collection is 3D printed and available in three styles of structures.Website: www.towndesign.nyc10. Earth BowlNot only does this terranium act as an oxygen booster, it also comes in a unique container. Pick up this eco chic centrepiece from Mumbai’s Earth Bowl by Shailaja Munshi and Preeti Reshamia, and give staid spaces a lovely twist. Website: