Maruti Trading Office in Gujarat gets a minimal makeover with the help of Vidhi Patel of Inclined Studio

MAR 2, 2020 | By Vedika Nair
The informal lounge area is flanked by a set of vibrant turquoise hued seaters; Photographs by Maulik Patel
The dividing screen and wooden pattis; Photographs by Maulik Patel
The formal workspace; Photographs by Maulik Patel
A clear division is seen between the formal and informal areas; Photographs by Maulik Patel
The formal workspace hosts a bright red couch; Photographs by Maulik Patel

Nestled in Kadi, Gujarat is Maruti Trading Office’s cosy 600 sq ft office space. With a contemporary approach, this minimalist design is crafted with a consistent colour palette of reds, blues, greys and charcoal tones by Gujarat based Inclined Studio’s Vidhi Patel.

Interior details in the informal seating space; Photographs by Maulik Patel

To create a comfortable meeting spot, the workspace is furnished with low height seating options in vibrant shades. Panoramic windows allow for verdant views, while vertical wooden planks and an open-cell ceiling adds volume to the space accentuating its ethos. A fusion of bold, natural and high quality materials like wood, metal and glass results in an urban design.

Accents and decor of the formal workspace; Photographs by Maulik Patel

The entry to the utility zones like the pantry and storeroom are cleverly hidden behind the vertical planks that make the space look clean and spacious. A screen separates the informal seating area from the formal one. With a clean minimal vibe, the overall design creates an aesthetically pleasing and amiable atmosphere for a productive working environment.