Manish Dikshit takes us on a tour of this stylish Mumbai home, which is an endearing blend of modern and vintage aesthetics

SEP 15, 2020 | By Manish Dikshit
The living room uses wallpaper from Maimon Decor, lights by The White Teak Company and an Address Home table lamp. Here, the navy blue sofa, centre table and bench from Essenza sit on a Mittal International Carpet; Photographs by Pankaj Anand
A custom storage unit, an artwork from Transition, curtains from Embellish and a bench from Essenza dominate this end of the living space; Photographs by Pankaj Anand
The open kitchen and dining zone features Essenza chairs, a La Italia marble countertop, and lights from The White Teak; Photographs by Pankaj Anand
The foyer is covered in a Maimon Decor wall covering; Photographs by Pankaj Anand
Seen in the master suite are suspended lamps by Deepam, headboard by Shreeji Furnishing and curtains from Embellish. The bed and side tables are furnished using pieces from One Up, Tresorie and Address Home; Photographs by Pankaj Anand
This daughter's blush-hued bedroom features a polka dot wall covering from Maimon Decor, an artwork from Transition, furniture from Essenza, and furnishings from One Up and Tresorie; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

This 1,850 sq ft, four-bedroom apartment is “the dream home” of a nuclear family. The couple and their two children—a daughter and a son—all have their own dedicated room, while the fourth is fashioned as a guest bedroom. 

Keeping with our philosophy as a design practice, we, at Aum Architects, suggest concepts that impact and uplift not only the client’s homes but also their lifestyles. We were given an open-ended brief to work on both these aspects. So, we inculcated modern aesthetics with a sense of timelessness for this residence.

The experience begins right from the entrance foyer, where a vaulted ceiling with subtle geometry is seen. This continues from the door to the wall panel. Mirror is used extensively to further amplify the space. The dining room can be seen just beyond the curved glass partition. This bespoke surface has a wooden ledge nestled in-between the curve, which when seen from the entrance, appears to ‘float’. 

Intricate detailing, varied textures and contrasting hues set the mood in the living room; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

Planning the layout is a crucial part of the design process for us. It serves as a guiding path for creativity to flow. We’d initially thought of the dining area as a part of the living room. But, eventually, we decided to expand the living room and design it lavishly. So, the dining setup is seen by the kitchen, where the diving wall is replaced by the ‘floating’ glass partition. This relocation helped create an interactive and comprehensive kitchen with an island counter.

A Petra Grey marble countertop by La Italia is paired with walnut veneer by Hafeez Brothers for the kitchen; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

Additionally, interconnected yet individual spaces are designed with modern aesthetics and a vintage essence. The living room, for example, is a dazzling compilation of fluid forms reminiscent of the British vintage era with a touch of aristocracy. A wallpaper with beige pinstripes is contrasted by solid ochre panels fixed with stylish bracket lights at equal intervals. It is this choice of colours and fabric that help achieve the desired vibe.

The pristine guest room features a leather headboard by Lavie Furnishing, lights by The White Teak Company, and furnishing from One Up, Tresorie and Address Home; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

To further amplify the drama in the living room, we created a large-scale profile of a moulding for the pelmet. The same cascading effect can be seen continuing onto the layered curtain. This area also has a cosy seating arrangement on one end of the lounge, while a cabinet and television set rest on the opposite side. 

Blush tones are used abundantly in the daughter’s bedroom; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

We ensured that elements of spontaneity and creativity resonate through the forms, patterns and rich colour palette seen across this home. The vintage style, along with its underlying graceful features, is realised through soft curves that bring elegance and grandeur into spaces.

This glass-encased prayer room is designed to be traditional yet contemporary using gold textures in the background; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

A sombre and warm palette is seen in the kitchen. Dark hues are spotted in the walnut veneer, rustic copper laminate and deep petra grey marble flooring. The white quartz marble countertop offers visual relief. Another addition is the use of an antique printed tile that runs along the length of the platform and is complemented beautifully by the rustic copper finish cabinetry.  

The son’s study features a popping chair from Essenza with matching shelves; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

Each of the bedrooms is tastefully styled to suit the personalities of their users. The master suite—the largest of the lot—showcases its expansiveness through an array of bespoke furniture and accents. Among these is a curved wall panel with veneer finished base and a glossy, powder blue top. 

The master bedroom features a number of bespoke furnishings, including a curved wall panel with veneer finished base and a glossy, powder blue top; Photographs by Pankaj Anand

The pristine guest bedroom houses two wardrobes near the entrance while another is inbuilt deeper inside the room. Its art deco style is reflected in the use of white moulding and trimmings, tan leather panelling and headboard, the bottle green opulent velvet curtain as well as the custom printed glass on the passage wardrobe. 

On the other hand, the son’s bedroom features a functional theme with geometric forms and a vivacious colour palette. And the daughter’s bedroom is dressed in candy pink with a polka-dotted wallpaper that pairs well with Prussian blue and white accents.