Made to Order: Prep a quick, informal table

AUG 31, 2015 | By Aditi Gaitonde
Products sourced from Contemporary Arts and Crafts, Dhoop, Freedom Tree Homestore, Homestop, Loose Ends, Mora Taara, Sanctum  

A last minute party has come your way and you are rummaging for ideas to set the table. Don’t stress; we have just the thing for you – all you need is some brown paper, markers and old newspapers.

Treat your guests to a street food fiesta with some deliciously fried eatables parcelled in newspapers, just like vendors do. Lay out brown paper on the table and creatively draw out tablemats and cutlery with a marker pen.

Bring out your emergency stack of plastic plates and recycle old cola bottles for drinks. Watch your guests smack their fingers in delight….