Searching quiet luxury in citylife: This tranquil Pune home by Studio Śra stands exemplar

FEB 28, 2024 | By Aanya Jain
In the guest bedroom, lights from Hatsu hang beside either side of the cosy bed. The mirrors are sourced from Mianzi; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio; Styled by Krei Studios
White brick, marble and concrete form a backdrop to the entrance of this sanctuary; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio
In the multipurpose room, clean lines define the space. French windows connect this large space to the terrace filled with plants. The table lamp is from Ellementry; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio

A vision of comfort, this Pune home by Studio Śra is a safe haven from the busy city. Located in the popular neighbourhood of Kalyani Nagar, this 2,500 sq ft row house brings together the charm of quiet luxury and refined city life, weaved wittily with the aspirations of the homeowners. 

Appropriately dubbed ‘The Sanctuary’, the home is an oasis of solace where one can retreat peacefully. “The genesis of the home emerged from deep collaborative dialogues with our clients, where their profound emphasis on both, mental and physical well-being, served as the catalyst for our design approach,” explains Amrita Ravi, Founder and Lead Designer of Studio Śra.

Studio Śra
In the living room, a chandelier from Home Artisan fills the void. A carpet from Rugberry adds character and ties in with the painting. The cushions and decor are sourced from Altrove and Home Centre; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio; Styled by Krei Studios

Influences: Past to present

Owing to the fact that Amrita has lived and worked in England, Germany and the USA for over a decade, this home is evidently influenced by her time outside the country. Exposed wood beams, plush sofas, oversized vases and French windows seamlessly draw links to the European and Western moodboards. 

The heavy emphasis on wood, white walls and metal draws heavy influences from Scandinavian and Japanese design with a European twist through arches and beams; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio

Elements of English design can be seen right from the entry, where the very concept of a front porch can be traced to Victorian design. One enters through the foyer into the heart of the homea double-heighted living and dining space. Tall archways and large windows define the space, drawing one toward the back patio. 

Studio Śra
A clay light mural by Harshita Jhamtani Designs greets visitors into the home; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio


The dining area overlooks the painting in the living room, which in a sense of liveliness to the space; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio


Studio Śra
A darker teak dining table set sits as the perfect contrast to the pine and lighter teak living room; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio


In the distance, a side table from Objectry acts as a sculptural element, yet has a purpose. Curtains from D’Decor soften the sunlight; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio

In the guest bedroom, a bay window offers views of the landscaped backyard. The mezzanine level leads to the balcony, which again, allows one to appreciate the manicured garden beyond. The first floor plays host to the primary bedroom and daughter’s bedroom.  The top floor exhibits a pitched ceiling, enveloping a multipurpose space that serves as an extra bedroom, a versatile workspace, a library and a dance-exercise area. 

Studio Śra
Bedding and cushions from Ikea and Altrove add layers of comfort to the space. The side tables were sourced from Harshita Jhamtani Designs; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio


Perfectly positioned beside the window, the desk boasts a bold table lamp from Rare; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio


Studio Śra
In the daughter’s bedroom, a light from Black Steel adds a hint of modernity. Art from Carleigh Courey sits pretty above the bed. The decor pieces are sourced from Altrove, Ikea, Westside and Home Centre; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio


A wall light from Black Steel is perfectly placed between the curves of the mirror. The fittings are from Jaquar and Grohe; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio

Paws and paradise

To the homeowners, the spaces were as much theirs as they were for their pets. “Our design blueprint emphasised fluid interconnectivity between the various rooms and the outdoors, enabling a seamless flow to allow their pets to thrive within the sanctuary of the home,” explains Amrita. 

Studio Śra
As one heads toward the balcony, one passes by wooden shelves with decor from Address Home, Westside and Home Centre; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio

Big changes, bigger impact

Converting this 25 year-old structure into the beautiful home it is today was no easy feat. Significant structural enhancements were undertaken to elevate the living experience. The expansion of front and back porches augmented the living space, fostering an interconnected layout. Addressing the need for ample natural light in certain areas, a strategically placed double-height window was installed. While the bay windows in both bedrooms create intimate connections with the outdoors, inviting nature’s serenity into these spaces.

The study table in the children’s room placed by the window overlooks the lush greenery outside; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio

The narrative for a cosy yet functional home was furthered by the material palette — embracing the warmth of natural woods, the bare quality of linens along with a timeless marble. 

Studio Śra
The Scuba End Table from Nama Home serves as the perfect surface for artefacts in the living room; Photography by Wabi-Sabi Studio

Through this home, Studio Śra’s design philosophy that spaces can be catalysts for transformative change truly comes through. ‘The Sanctuary’ is not only about creating a physical space but also about understanding the intricate values and aspirations of the inhabitants. “It was this deep comprehension that guided every decision, ensuring that the final design resonated profoundly with their essence,” concludes Amrita.

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