A luminal tale of light and shadow in a New Delhi residence by Innovative Lighting Designs Limited

JAN 24, 2024 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
Aerial view of the residence showcases the strategically placed luminaries, not only illuminating the facade but also harmoniously blending with the architectural elements; Photography by Umang Shah
Lights by ILDL highlight the intricacies of nature; Photography by Umang Shah
A lighting scheme for the perfect evening gathering; Photography by Umang Shah

Can the glow of lights truly shape the way we experience spaces? In the heart of New Delhi, Innovative Lighting Designs Limited (ILDL) introduces a residential masterpiece where lighting goes beyond its utilitarian role to a more central aspect of design.

From facade to landscape, lights and shadows, impact our mood and surroundings in more ways than we imagine.

In this luminal narrative, the lights not only illuminate but also narrate a story of emotions. As dusk settles, the residence, designed by architect Manish Mehta of Nouveau Design Group,  comes to life, each carefully crafted beam revealing a new chapter. The interplay of light and shadows isn’t just a visual spectacle, it’s a choreography of moods. 

Vertical illumination elevates the wall by enhancing the depth and giving it a dynamic perspective (above); ILDL’s meticulously crafted the lighting layout, employing it as a strategic element to enhance design elements of the facade (below); Photography by Umang Shah

ILDL believes that as day turns to night, the facade turns into a canvas. Linear light lines delicately graze the parapet, creating a floating effect, while louvres come alive with micro spots. 

The pièce de résistance unfolds with light scallops on walls, orchestrating a rhythmic flow of lighting, breathing life into the very architecture.

The architectural details on the facade enhanced by the ILDL’s lighting scheme elevate the design not with mere illumination, but with an artful arrangement that evokes emotion and design. This spectacle of brilliance and sophistication redefines the evening landscape.

ILDL’s masterful use of wall grazing bathes the surfaces in a soft, tranquil glow with the play of light and shadow. Like the serenity of twilight, this gentle touch reflects the beauty of the fading light. The linear grazing method further enhances this effect, its delicate luminescence outlining the architectural contours and seamlessly blending the structure with the natural ambiance of the evening.

A guided journey through a luminous landscape. Light becomes your guide, nature your companion, as you navigate the paths illuminated by micro floor washers. Majestic trees, bathed in the spotlight, stand tall, their reflections dancing on the dark pool’s surface. Moonlight paints patterns on the ground, weaving shadows from leaves, whispering stories of an ever-present natural beauty.

The strategically designed lighting plan brings out the art in the architecture (above); ILDL masterfully orchestrates an array of lighting design techniques to weave narratives through illumination, ranging from the ethereal ambiance of moonlit aesthetics to the meticulous application of geometric principles (below); Photography by Umang Shah

Beyond illumination, Innovative Lighting Designs Limited has curated an unparalleled experience.

The landscape glows with dramatic lighting, casting bold shadows and illuminating hidden depths. Yet, turning towards the facade, a sense of subtle grandeur takes hold. Soft lights caress the building’s surface, revealing its intricate details in a warm embrace.

 In this zenith of lighting design, every detail is an art form, and every space is a canvas waiting to be illuminated.

As darkness intertwines with carefully crafted light, residents find themselves immersed in the power of light and how it can shape not only our surroundings but even our emotional experience. This masterpiece stands as a beacon, urging us to rethink the role of light that goes beyond its traditional use.

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