Link and separate spaces as per your convenience with the Slido collection from Häfele!

MAR 4, 2021 | By Urvika Barua
Fold 80 EF by Hafele

The Slido collection by Häfele features powerful sliding systems that meet all specifications for both industrial as well as residential spaces. Sliding doors were always the portal to any location, however, they have advanced that simplicity in modern times to be far more. 

They can act as a partition between different areas of your home when needed and open up to merge spaces for large gatherings; similarly, in workplaces, they can act as a temporary divider where confidentiality is necessary and open up to create larger interactive spaces.

Fold 80 EF is the sliding folding device, whose door panels are folded and stored on each side of the entryway, giving this an interesting alternative for areas in which more wall space would be occupied by a standard sliding door. 

Fold 80 EF enables to add a series of sliding panel combinations on each side with an overall load handling capability of 80 kg/track (2 or 4).

Whenever the doors are closed, these panels can be connected to allow an absolutely neat, flush design with the support of Häfele‘s camouflaged hinges.  On opening the doors completely, the absence of the lower track in Fold 80 EF facilitates a seamless as well as continuous floor space.

Fold 80 EF is convenient, portable and preserves space as well as allows numerous door modifications!