This stunning series of light fixtures by Emanate Home manifests a unique energy of design

MAR 17, 2022 | By Rhea Sinha
The Light beam by Monis Ahmed of Emanate Home as seen at the Chennai house by Aamir & Hameeda
Geometric sky light from the Abstract collection at the Chennai house
Kris Kross chandelier by Emanate Home drops from the ceiling at the Chennai home
The lights bring a soothing ambience to the Rock House by Aamir & Hameeda

Imagine a home imbued with the inviting warmth of artistic lights while you indulge in the favourite spaces of your abode—the experience of sitting surrounded by cosy, gorgeous lighting is unmatched. This is where Emanate Home steps in the spotlight! 

Magnificent, modern and made in India, the lighting marvels brought to life for the homes of today by Emanate Home make a strong case for design that is functional and aesthetic in its core. The brand, a brainchild of Monis Ahmed, has been manifesting the ‘Made in India’ culture in its ethos long before it was merely a term a few years ago. 

Envisioning one-of-a-kind light fixtures in its extensive portfolio, Emanate Home is driven by the philosophy of ‘innovate to dominate’, invariably striving to devise unparalleled designs.

Kris Kross chandelier by Emanate Home at the Chennai home

The piece de resistance at The Rock House in Chennai by Aamir Sharma of Hyderabad-based interior design firm Aamir and Hameeda undoubtedly are the neoteric works of art in form of lighting fixtures customised and selected by the accomplished team at Emanate Home.

Embodying a sense of divine drama in the dining room is a custom chandelier sketched by the adroit Aamir himself. Taking over a total of three months to piece it together, the ‘Kris-Kross’ chandelier fits into the structures and textures of the space seamlessly, flaunting a familiar energy alike to the one featured throughout the home. Finally fashioned in alabaster as an alternative to acrylic after multiple trial and errors in brass, wood, and concrete, the significant fixture is functionally beautiful. 

Crafted in alabaster instead of acrylic after multiple trial and errors in brass, wood, and concrete, the light fixture is functionally beautiful

At the serene setting in the spa section of the residence stands out the Geometric Sky piece solicitously selected by Sharma from the brand’s upcoming Abstract Collection. Bringing the room together flawlessly, the fixture complements the relaxing ambiance of the space superbly. A sight for the eyes as one soaks in the rock jacuzzi, the subtle beauty of the Geometric Sky fitting is enhanced by the light alabaster veins in its design with a dainty antique frame adding to its beauty. 

The ‘Kris-Kross’ chandelier fits into the structures and textures of the space seamlessly

Paying homage to the basic shapes we encounter in our daily lives, the dynamic nature of the Abstract collection comprises a medley of distinct materials ranging from marble to onyx or even alabaster, each narrating stories of their own depending on the space they are set in. 

Geometric sky light from the Abstract collection by Emanate Home

Last but not the least, the Light Beam serves as a stunning state-of-the-art device spread over the two bifurcated units of the lush living room. One section exuding an elegant aura, plush with Italian furniture, and the other more minimal with concrete blocks crafting its seating. Framed in a brass sheet material and cast brass in its centre, the unfinished fitting is left raw to let it age naturally over time. Its prominent yet slim dimensions do not add any unnecessary weight to the space. Illustrated in an illuminated base of alabaster, the light beam is consistent with the rest of the lights matching the theme of the home. 

Chaperoning warmth and life into any and every space they are fitted, the lighting fixtures from Emanate Home doubles up as objects of art animating and revamping even the smallest of spaces. 

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