Homegrown homeware brand La Dimora Selections champions art and artisanship with its European-influenced line Object Art

MAR 28, 2023 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
Designed internationally and deriving inspiration from the Greek mythology, the set of three Greek Art Sculptures showcase thoughtful and timeless design; Photographs courtesy La Dimora Selections
Designed internationally in Italy and handcrafted by master artisans, the Nordic Sculpture is finished in resin and is a must have for a contemporary living spaces; Photographs courtesy La Dimora Selections
The Spellbound Sculpture is forged in smokey-tinted glass and affixed to a fine white marble base; Photographs courtesy La Dimora Selections

The intention of amalgamating decor with artistic pursuits was at the forefront of the homegrown brand La Dimora Selections, which takes its name from the Italian phrase La Dimora translating to “The Home”when Founder Harshit Maan curated a line of idiosyncratic objects. Christened “Object Art” the collection is a labour of love for Harshit. “The inspiration comes from Italian designs and Greek visualisation for Object Art and for me personally, I have been fascinated by their histories for as long as I can remember. Subconsciously, I always wanted to unite my love for that European touch with modern interior pieces, so when the opportunity came–instead of creatively leaning towards a few pieces we curated a whole line–which is what you see,” says Harshit. 

The David Greek Figurine is a chic furnishing alternative to your bookshelf or living room corner; Photographs courtesy La Dimora Selections

From sculptural figurines to modern brass displays and ceramic serve-ware with motifs and structured lines–the range quite literally has it all. Sourced internationally from Italy and other parts of Europe, the figurines hold a touch of derivative European architecture in their construction. The sculptures are rooted in Greek mythology with busts leading the pack–what was once only an object of collection in museums is now a chic alternative in your bookshelf or living room corner. Think, elevated antique living.

Designed internationally in Italy, the Jump Man sculpture showcases an allure of balance and symbolises the expansion of one’s mind; Photographs courtesy La Dimora Selections

While it’s replete with modern decor influences, the range brings a fresh take on orchestrated displays for interior maximalists and minimalists alike. Think shades of beige, blue and black swirled across ceramic serve-ware in meticulously articulated patterns. While the pieces are designed primarily as sets, single buying options are also available to preserve the individuality and collectability of products. As far as functionality is concerned, you can mix and match the sets for game night or lay down the full sets for dinner parties.

Every selection at La Dimora Selections is acquired from different corners of the world—a true blend of sensuousness and aesthetics; Photographs courtesy La Dimora Selections

Furthermore, championing its ethos of carving contemporary luxury living rooted in Indian heritage, this latest line spotlights unsung heroes with some of its pieces too–the artisans and their craftsmanship. Some individual pieces are carefully handcrafted by Indian artisans according to the contemporary mood board of the brand. Making tangibility a sensorial experience–upon touching each item, a rugged yet polished feeling will overtake one’s senses.

These ceramic dinner sets institute a contemporary form and will make any serving look stylish; Photographs courtesy La Dimora Selections


The Ceramic Platters are hand-crafted by master artisans with a prime focus on bringing more elegance to your kitchen and dining table; Photographs courtesy La Dimora Selections

The collection gave the brand a chance to bring Italian and Greek sensibilities of decor to India, and with itself, speaks to the evolution of modern decor in the country. Revealing their first look from the beginning of this week, the range was launched on the 27th of March 2023 on La Dimora Selections.