Kohler Bold. Art powered by Pecha Kucha provides food for thought

DEC 16, 2016 | By Tasneem Merchant
Kohler’s Bold. Art powered by Pecha Kucha saw big names in design participate in the short format presentation. Eminent names in the field including noted personalities such as Pradeep Sachdeva, Manish Gulati, Mark Bickerstaffe, Neeraj Manchanda, Praveen Vashishta, Madhav Raman and Salil Sadanandan, presented their views on various topics ranging from photography and art to architecture and design.
Here’s a glimpse of the presentations:
Architect Praveen Vashisht principal architect of Praveen Vashisht and Associates, explored the evolution of less is more through the ages and how less is more has become more relevant today, He delved upon how in today’s age, environmentally responsible architectural practices can truly address the rampant pollution of the elements being caused by our mega cities.
Architect Pradeep Sachdeva of Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates took a serious view on the topic and discussed how in today’s age of excess, the philosophy of “less is more” is an essential need to save our cities.
Architect Neeraj Manchanda, Principal Architect of Neeraj Manchanda Architects discussed how less is more was true in the lives of denizens of the digital age. How the most popular social and digital interfaces of today tend to have simpler more minimalistic interfaces, while offering the best consumer experience.
Architect Madhav Raman’s, Partner at Anagram Architects, presentation explored the visual manifestation of “Less is More” in art and design, where he spoke about the emotive power of art and structures which explored this philosophy and even ended the presentation with a haiku written by himself.
Architect Manish Gulati the Principal Architect for Manifestation of Fluid Architecture (M:OFA) decided to take a quirky albeit delicious twist on the topic with a discussion on food, and newer styles of cuisine such as molecular gastronomy which imbibe the philosophy of “Less is More” to tantalise our taste buds.
Mark Bickerstaffe Dir-New Product Development, Kohler  K&B EMEA and ASPAC discussed how good design is as little design as possible as it concentrates on the essential aspects and product is not burdened with non-essentials. He elaborated how design should at its core concentrate on simplifying life rather than abiding by any one rigid philosophy.
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