Knock Knock! Here’s how Ottimo ensures doors make a style statement apart from their usual operation

JUN 27, 2022 | By Kashish Kaushal
The Italian luxury doors expert Lualdi offers doors to suit every need including beautifully crafted woven leather doors and marble-effect stoneware doors to create stunning door visuals; Photographs courtesy Ottimo
Explore Lualdi’s extensive collection of hinge doors and pivot doors in glass and wood, available at Ottimo; Photographs courtesy Ottimo
The doors promise an impeccable finish to match any surroundings; Photographs courtesy Ottimo
Lualdi’s doors available at Ottimo, are an elegant solution for an extended wall visual; Photographs courtesy Ottimo
Lightweight yet strong, the doors promise an impeccable finish to match any surroundings. All doors can be customised for size, finish and handles; Photographs courtesy Ottimo

Doors have come a long way since their initial utilitarian days of providing safety and protection. Nowadays, imbued with elegant craftsmanship and advanced technical know-how, they are the primary element for making a great first impression. 

In olden times, a door’s design and grandness was a means to pronounce the status or wealth of a family. Intricately carved doors adorned with brass details, handles or knobs were common. Some used to be arched, and others were fitted with grilles and glass that made seeing through possible. The attractive patterns of the grilles gave them an artistic edge. The internal doors, though not as grand or imposing as the outer ones, followed a similar style.

With time, door design has evolved to become sleek and refined but their importance remains undiminished. Interestingly now, the interior doors too attract the same level of attention and care that was once reserved for main doors and for the major pieces of furnishings. Curating beautiful spaces, Ottimo manoeuvres design as an inspiration to provide the best and latest from the world of Italian interiors.

Where a door needs to maximise space and let in light into the interiors, or act as a space divider, sliding glass doors rule the space; Photographs courtesy Ottimo

As our buildings have become more straight-lined and sophisticated, the doors too wear a simpler and cleaner look. Often, handcrafting traditions are combined with modern innovations, technology and cutting-edge materials to create stylish and functional doors that bring a novel aesthetic to the interiors. 

Spanning from the traditional hinged doors, the evolution of technology and design has given rise to a plethora of options like folding, sliding, swinging and swivelling doors to suit the diverse needs of the customers. As a result, doors are increasingly being used not just as entryways to divided spaces but as integrated space solutions that direct the use of space by alternately or all together, demarcating, merging, hiding and revealing spaces. 

Amidst all these technological advances, doors have taken on a role of not just protection but also of revelation; Photographs courtesy Ottimo

The traditional French windows have become sliding stacking doors that open up the external vista far and beyond. The glass of windows has combined with door frames to create stunning mesh doors that reveal yet hide the spaces denied. Cupboard doors have given way to full length, high tech automated doors that hide a veritable Alladin’s treasures in walk in wardrobes. 

If you are looking for customised, hi-end doors, then explore the legendary Italian brand Lualdi, available at Ottimo; Photographs courtesy Ottimo

Material selection

Wood is still the preferred medium for doors though with the availability of an array of veneers and laminates, there are innumerable options of finishes. When combined with metal frames and glass panels, the choices become even larger – wood tones, leather, marble, glass, metal—all add to the material make up of doors. 

Minimalistic look

Modern doors are high on impact, yet minimal with sleek frames and elegant surfaces. Lualdi’s concealed hinges are almost invisible and noise-less, and stay flush with wall, offering breathtaking sophistication. Doors used as partition systems, especially with glass as the medium, lend an ethereal appeal to the spaces. Glasses in different hues can be used to add a subtle play of colours. The top tracks ensure that the sliding system leaves behind a clean look. 

It is not surprising that doors even today harken back to time tested materials for their construction. They are perhaps the only element of interiors that are held to increasingly high standards of utility and aesthetics; Photographs courtesy Ottimo

High customisation

As interior designing has come to focus on personalisation, doors have followed suit. Today, a lot of research, innovation and technology and craftsmanship go into customising the doors according to the aesthetics of the interiors and the kind of function it plays in the space. Where the need is for luxury and warmth, matrix designs and boiseries take centrestage. A minimalist look calls for sleek flush doors without any trimmings except the definitive handles and locks. 

Integrated solutions

Doors are no longer individual interior elements. They are used to offer integrated solutions to reconfigure or reinvent spaces and create new possibilities within and solve problems. The integrated solutions offered by some brands coordinate with architects and designers at the beginning of a project to create meaningful and harmonious look. You may want a door to stand out, but others may prefer that they be almost invisible. All that is possible with modern solutions. 

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