Inside the picturesque Casa Jaali in Goa

SEP 15, 2023 | By Diya Shah
New grills made for the doors and windows by City Aluminium that complement the creative elements across the resort were added to the the cottages during renovation; Photography by Salik Mohammed
An outdoor space partitioned by walls offers visitors privacy as they enjoy the Goan environment; Photography by Salik Mohammed
A 35-metre-long bridge extends from Patnem beach to the entrance of the resort during the dry season; Photography by Salik Mohammed
The cottages are simple yet functional spaces; Photography by Salik Mohammed
The cottages are separated by a wooden screen. A porch leads into a room studded with wood and cane elements; Photography by Salik Mohammed
Wood and cane elements are ubiquitous across the cottage. Terracotta roofs were retained from the original design and are maintained regularly; Photography by Salik Mohammed

Amidst the breathtaking Patnem beach and the serene Colomb Bay of North Goa lies a charming resort that mirrors the tranquillity and simplicity of its surroundings. Kate Abramovitz was approached by Eli David, a frequent customer of Jaali Cafe, to collaborate on room designs and together they found a suitable property. 

Following Eli’s departure from the company, Kate took the reins of the design, becoming both client and designer with Eli David to craft Casa Jaali and bring her creative vision to life. Fashioned with meticulous attention to creating a sense of authenticity and harmony, the estimated 3,000 sq ft space seamlessly blends with its picturesque settings.   

The design of the cottages stays true to the original style of the fisherman’s cottage; Photography by Salik Mohammed

A Se(a)rene stay 

A wooden bridge extends 35 metres onto the beach from the main entrance, blurring the boundaries between the beach and the resort. One then finds themselves on a pathway made of grey-green limestone that meanders towards the restaurant, Jaali Kitchen. 

The restaurant is an open space where one can fully appreciate the beauty of captivating landscapes of the resort, adorned with indigenous plants. A lofty bamboo-and-metal roof gives a spacious yet contained appearance. A clear polycarbonate roof above the first one accounts for the rains.  

As one continues upon a path, one finds themselves flanked by the cottages on one side and the expansive sea on the other. An inviting porch entices one to sit and unwinds amidst the diverse flora, as light and breeze enter through the wood lattices or jaali screens that separate the cottages. While Kate did not make significant alterations to the existing rooms made before she bought the property, she envisioned two new rooms that embody the essence of a peaceful beach retreat. Their design stays true to the original style of the fisherman’s cottages that make up most of the spaces.  

The interiors of the cottages borrow elements from their surroundings and are characterised by the use of simple materials and a colour palette of green and pink; Photography by Salik Mohammed

A pleasing combination of pink and green studs the rooms. “I drew inspiration from the vibrant crimson bougainvillaea and the lovely frangipani tree with pink blooms located on the property. Additionally, I came across pictures of a Moroccan property featuring lime green walls, which sparked a desire to incorporate a similar style in my design,” explains Kate. Handcrafted cerise bedding, along with wood and cane elements made using traditional methods make the space a sustainable one and allow visitors to immerse themselves in a coastal lifestyle.  

Daylight and fresh air enter a partially open section of the cottage, blurring the boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors; Photography by Salik Mohammed

While Kate does not have a formal background in design, her deep appreciation for the Goan landscape drove her vision for Casa Jaali. “Luxury, in my view, is truly embodied by the resort’s exceptional location and its harmonious relationship with the sea. By staying true to the architectural heritage and embracing the inherent beauty of the natural world, offering guests a space where they can experience the tranquillity of the region and create lasting memories,” Kate signs off.

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