Katarina Matsson, Managing Editor of ELLE Decoration Sweden, invites us into her home office and shares her favourite things

JUN 26, 2020 | By ELLE Decoration network
(L-R) Katarina in the nook that's become her home office; Detail shot of her desk; A peek at cutesy curios as well as all the ongoing and completed work for the upcoming issue of ELLE Decoration Sweden

Katarina studied art history and political science before she found her calling in journalism. After working in New York for four years, she joined ELLE Decoration Sweden. In her spare time, she manages @ettrumtill on Instagram, which is all about her home, art, design and garden.

How have you set the mood to work efficiently from home?
I’ve set my desk nicely and try to work from there for most of the day. However, with my husband on parental leave and our one-year-old daughter, that’s not always possible (you’ll find me hiding in the bedroom for conference calls). I’m pretty good at shutting things out though, so working from home turned out to be surprisingly smooth. But don’t get me started on how much I miss my colleagues and the creative process of talking face to face. 

Are there any hobbies that you’re indulging in while confined?
Yes! We have a tiny garden that has been neglected for years. We’re finally putting our love (and money) there! So far, my dahlias seem to be doing okay. I’m focusing on flowers this year, imagining all the beautiful bouquets that will grace our home this summer. 

Who is your greatest inspiration?
At the moment, it’s artist Hilma af Klint. She pushed so many boundaries and was way ahead of her time. I also think there are a lot of parallels between our time and the early 1900s. 

Your current favorite design object…
It’s my latest, second-hand find: Terje Ekström’s Ekstrem chair. Incredible! 

A movie you’d happily watch over and over again…
I’ll watch anything by Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola! I love the way they work with set design, music and costume and how it plays into the storytelling. 

A promising product designer from Sweden to watch out for…
I’ve been following Fredrik Paulsen for years and it’s a pleasure seeing him appreciation globally. Another up and coming playful designer is Gustaf Westman. He’s already a favourite among influencers and Instagram stars and that’s an interesting new way of gaining recognition. In Sweden, we have a new blossoming glass trend, which is so wonderful seeing the history we have in the field, and the superstar of this new wave is Hanna Hansdotter. Anything she touches turns to gold!

Once the travel ban is lifted, where would you first travel to?
New York will always have a place in my heart! It’s a cliché but there’s just something about the energy that the city exudes. But I’m expecting we’ll change the way we travel from here on, so my first long trip will probably be a train ride to Italy via Copenhagen. 

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A book showcasing the works of Hilma af Klint, the artist who Katarina finds inspiring 
Verdant views from Katarina’s home office