; Invite nature into your home with J&Y Fabrics’ new Arc Collection


J&Y Fabrics’ Arc Collection is a medley of colours that synchronise nature with your spaces

SEP 13, 2021 | By Tanzim Pardiwalla
A whimsical floral print on the curtains is complemented by the natural textiles, available in a range of handpicked colours; Photographs Courtesy J&Y Fabrics
The natural metallic texture graces the curtains and upholstery add the perfect dash of opulence to everyday spaces; Photographs Courtesy J&Y Fabrics
A fresh bloom inspires the natural fabrics, as the intricate prints adorn both contemporary and traditional spaces; Photographs Courtesy J&Y Fabrics
The Exeter print used for curtains and wall coverings, is versatile and can blend into multiple design aesthetics; Photographs Courtesy J&Y Fabrics
J&Y Fabrics’ extensive range promises something for everyone, including fun prints for nurseries and kids rooms; Photographs Courtesy J&Y Fabrics
The wallcoverings, available in a 60 inch width and more, are scratch resistant, anti fungal and water repellant for improved resistance to damage; Photograph courtesy J&Y Fabrics

Rainbows have inspired pieces of art, home decor and more since times immemorial. Our fixation with the multicoloured series of arcs against the backdrop of the shining sun continues, finding its way into our lives and homes. And just like that, a rainbow became the inspiration behind J&Y Fabrics’ new collectionArc Collection. 

Colours have a way of not only livening up a space but also transforming it and rendering it a personality. Infusing colour theory into textiles, the Arc Collection is a delightful range of wallcoverings. In its foray in wallcoverings, J&Y Fabrics brings a wide range of prints, patterns, designs, textures to choose from. And while they’re available in a plethora of hues that fit right into any space between a vintage decor connoisseur’s home and a kid’s room, each product guarantees durability. 

The wallcoverings, available in a 60 inch width and more, are scratch resistant, anti fungal and water repellant for improved resistance to damage so your walls retain their original colours. Textiles being one of the most versatile home decor elements can revamp your space in the form of curtains, upholstery and more. ‘’We can coordinate your curtains with your wall coverings and your wall coverings with your upholstery; in the same design or with separate designs. Possibilities are endless when you choose designs from J&Y Fabrics,’’ says the brand’s managing director Jayesh Dave.

“We are also launching a range of natural fabrics in prints, metallics, embroideries, etc. With this new range, we intend to make selection of soft furnishings by a four BHK home owner convenient. We want to be able to furnish an entire house with our textiles and wall coverings,” he adds. 

The Arc Collection will soon be available at J&Y Fabrics’ nearest retail distributors. Click here to explore the range…