Jaipur Collection—Behind the scenes, from the sketchpads of Within to manifesting their ideas

DEC 19, 2022 | By Shriya Goyal
The magnificent eight-foot long console boasts of a structure in brass inspired by the honeycombed architecture of the Hawa Mahal; Photographs by Within
Handwoven to perfection, the ‘Jaipur’ rug echoes the architecture of Hawa Mahal in its form; Photographs by Within
Crafted through the technique of stone overlay—slivers of stone are pasted on any surface to create patterns; Photographs by Within
Encapsulating the essence of the architectural forms, vivid hues and sublime motifs, the collection is a spectacular unison of tradition with modernity; Photographs by Within

The beginning

An untold story of the vibrant Pink City combed through colourful rituals and ancient crafts is the ‘Jaipur’ collection by Within. The conceptualisation started with a field visit to Jaipur—home to the magnificent Hawa Mahal and a plethora of skilled craftsmen. Inspired by the architectural forms, vivid hues and sublime motifs, the collection was imagined as a unison of tradition and modernity. A powerful narrative, indigenous design and attention to details outline a reflection of the culturally rich city. 

Sonal Tuli, Design Head at Within says,”Within, to us, is a personal haven, a place for the heart to play and create, weave poems and sing our heart’s songs.”

Bobbi Tuli, Business Head at Within voices, “Art Furniture by Within is a love affair of art and design— a commitment to extending the fine craft of furniture making into the intoxication and ecstasy of art.”

The ‘Jaipur’ sideboard is inspired by blue pottery—a traditional craft of Jaipur; Photographs by Within

The process

InspirationArchitectural forms, vivid hues and sublime motifs of Jaipur.

MaterialsWhite marble, lapiz lazuli, mother of pearl and brass.

Sonal elaborates, “We believe that designing a product is like gardening and each element takes its own journey to build an ecosystem around itself. The process started with building our ideas on a concept board and developing a form around it. With the expertise of master craftsmen, the purity of white marble and the eye-catching blue of lapiz lazuli integrated with the traditional techniques of stone inlay and stone overlay for all the seven pieces. Through 3D models, material boards, and experimentation, we made sure the end result is an improved version of the archetype.”

The purity of white marble and the beautiful blue of lapiz lazuli come together with the extraordinary and timeless crafts of India—stone inlay and stone overlay; Photographs by Within

The payoff

A magnificent eight ft long console, a sideboard inspired by blue pottery, a mesmerising mirror, a handwoven rug and everyday objects like a bowl pendant and chandelier are the products of this collection. Bridging the gap between heritage and present was a constant challenge. Sonal says, “Collaborating with craftsmen, exploring traditional techniques and tying them with modern demands for finesse and luxury was something we believed in and aimed to master for this and our future products to come.”

The ‘Jaipur’ mirror is a work of art, a vision in mesmerising blue lapis lazuli; Photographs by Within
The craft of blue pottery is widely used for making everyday objects. The bowl, pendant and chandelier in the collection are our translation of the same; Photographs by Within


Bobbi Tuli, Business Head and Sonal Tuli, Design Head at Within, Photograph by Priyam Malhotra