An Italian love story unfolds in New Delhi with Cafe Dali, one pasta bite at a time

APR 15, 2023 | By Suhaani Rai

Rome was not built in a day and neither was Cafe Dali. It took Prateek Gupta, the Founder multiple Youtube videos in his basement during the pandemic to create a delivery brand which would become so popular that it called for a standalone cafe in Delhi.

A vintage Italian charm with old school interiors, candles and chandeliers make for a comfortable ambiance at Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali in Lodi colony, New Delhi pays homage to The Surrealism movement and its pioneer— Salvador Dali (artist, author and provocateur). The Surrealism Movement and its artists unleashed their unconscious mind and found magic in ​​the most unexpected places. Similarly how Prateek Gupta, founder of the Ristorante, brought the Italian culture to his home turf- a city of chaats. 

Step into Italian ambiance, hospitality and exquisite food at Cafe Dali

Cafe Dali takes pride in sourcing produce from Europe, Nonna’s recipes, handcrafted pastas and sauces perfected with time and patience. With Michelin Star Chefs and consultants, came a curated menu of gourmet food which is deeply homestyle and wholesome to suit the varied taste buds of the Capital.

Your eyes eat first at Cafe Dali with delicate plating


From huge libraries to chandeliers and portraits, Cafe Dali truly transports you to Florence

Fresh truffles, the classic Cacio e Pepe, Rigatoni in Vodka sauce, the Lobster Linguini and Artisanal Pizzas baked in a wood fired oven are some of the many dishes of the customisable menu. The menu is tweaked on a monthly basis for creating a surprise element for the regulars. 

Feed your soul with wholesome and gourmet style food at Cafe Dali

Ristorante by Cafe Dali is all about Michelin Star chefs, picturesque dishes, a marvellous library, private soirees, elements from the founder’s travelogues and interiors enriched with Italian culture.  Who needs visas and plane tickets, when you can step into Cafe Dali, take a sip of their wine and be transported to an intimate ambiance of art.

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