Dichotomy in design: This Isprava villa in Goa by Aashni Kumar is a walk from the 1800s to the present

MAY 21, 2024 | By Paakhi Baranwal
The living area is furnished with plush sofas, amongst a colour palette of brown, beige, gold and green; Photography by Ishita Sitwala
The living room looks out into the leafy outdoor seating area. A Chandigarh chair adds rusticity to this Modern- Portuguese amalgam; Photography by Ishita Sitwala
In the dining area, a distressed wood table and curved chairs upholstered in pinstriped fabric serve as the focal point for family gatherings; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Is the intersection of minimalism with the disposition of maximalism a paradoxical feat? Or does this juxtaposition define modern design. While it sounds like a wildering task, that is not so much the case for Aashni Kumar, the principal designer of this luxurious three-bedroom villa in Assagao, Goa developed by Isprava that embodies the beauty of dichotomy in design. 

Old world meets Modern Portuguese  

The dichotomy between old-world aesthetics and Modern-Portuguese style, between Goan respite and a homely- liveable atmosphere and between nature’s bounty and Aashni’s design philosophy. A permanent sense of luxury can be discovered throughout the home, from the glass gold chandeliers to dark teak furnishings that accentuate its heritage character.

Aashni Kumar
The green plants along the entrance foyer lead to the living space through a series of arches. Gold globe chandeliers have a sustained presence throughout the villa; Photography by Ishita Sitwala


Aashni Kumar
Arched windows add a stately charm to the living area; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

No space in this home is devoid of the Goan sun gleaming through the windows, creating an open space suited to every potential homeowner. Goa’s allure is as rooted in its historic architectural splendour as it is in its lush greenery and stretches of sand.

Aashni Kumar
The gold sconces in the living room add vitality to the cosy, comfortable living space; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

“The heritage-rich essence of the home guided our creative direction, leading us to embrace a neo-vintage design approach to bridge the gap between past and present,” reflects Aashni.

Aashni Kumar
The arched windows offer a view of the lush green landscapes through the dining and living area; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Of gilded chandeliers and arches 

Right from when one steps foot into the 4,000 sq ft property, the cinematic charm of the place oozes opulence. The ground-level foyer is adorned with a mosaic of textured tiles that lead us into the heart of the home. 

Tall arches flank this entryway that looks into the living area featuring classical gilded chandeliers. Passing the guest room, kitchen and pantry, we come across the powder bathroom that fuses Prussian with a contemporary flair. The bathroom features blue patterned tiles and a black-rimmed mirror against the backdrop of textured grey.  

Aashni Kumar
The wooden dining area creates an inviting space for the family, finishing off with the glass globe chandelier found throughout the home; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Aashni’s endeavour to create a cosy but contemporary dining and living area begins right from the shared space with the fabric-covered console, to the mirrored surface tethering the interiors with the lush exteriors. “Classic accordion doors and arched windows frame glimpses of the outdoor greenery, alfresco deck, and inviting pool,” she describes. 

These coordinated areas are furnished with a plush sofa and armchairs, a distressed wooden dining table and are adorned with botanical elements amongst many others.

Aashni Kumar
The cemented blue tiles furnished with a jute carpet characterise the guest bedroom; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Further down, the wooden stairway leads to a hallway exhibiting arched forms and two tonal design elements. This hallway, in conjunction with the overall theme of the house, leads to the secondary bedroom, the master bedroom (with a walk-in wardrobe) and a terrace. 

Aashni Kumar
The swing in the master bedroom encapsulates the Portuguese-Modern theme that the home takes on, with the patterned floor being a defining feature; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Threaded together through tones and textures

The master bedroom is a microcosm of the grounded colour palette. Variations of Brown, greige and mushroom dominate the foundational palette, complemented by warm grey, blues and greens that harmonise the Modern- Portuguese design. A door bedecked in soft blue leads into the master bedroom anchored by cane installations and oak elements. The archway through the walk-in wardrobe leads to the double basin area in the master bathroom. 

Aashni Kumar
The contrasting tone of the soft blue door, against a non-pastel palette adds character to the master bedroom; Photography by Ishita Sitwala


Aashni Kumar
Moving from the walk-in closet area to the attached bathroom, the double basin area in the master bedroom serves functionality with flair; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

One can’t help but be riveted by the junction of timeless with modern, that finds middle ground in this immersive Mediterranean space. A nuanced material palette tethers rustic with gold accents adding to the heritage grandeur of the home. 

The dichotomy that the designer led with, is so present throughout the space that the transience of every contemporary element highlights the rustic ardour of the villa. This home is no less than a walk through the 1800s right into the present.

Aashni Kumar
Freshening up becomes an invigorating task, as one walks into the powder bathroom along the entryway. The contemporary black mirror and light against the textured grey walls, replicate the dichotomous nature of the space; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

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