IOTA’s Everyroom x Anyroom premium furniture series is a beautiful amalgam of sophistication and classic elegance to its very core

NOV 17, 2022 | By Ishika Paruthi
When you buy furniture from IOTA, you take home a piece that is skillfully made and has followed every precise detail by the most talented international furniture designers and brands
An easy to care item of furniture, Riva is made with a walnut veneer top
A side table cum storage cabinet, this is a furniture piece for every interior space. A blend of natural veneer and golden metal legs, Vintage is the epitome of elegance

A house without furniture is like a barren canvas waiting for realising its own beauty. A home sans classy furniture affords no comfort to its owners. Besides, it looks dull and cheerless. An empty space is like a blank canvas waiting for you to fill it up with furniture and bring it to life. Furniture plays an essential role when it comes to re-doing one’s space at home or at work. The determinant factor of space plays a pivotal role in deciding what furniture goes into a certain space. At times, one likes the furniture design but the space one has does not allow one to accommodate it. To effectively address this issue, IOTA’s new furniture collection with the name “Everyroom x Anyroom” lets you have your choice of furniture without having to worry about space constraints.

As IOTA continues its evolutionary journey as a relevant brand that resonates with furniture enthusiasts, it becomes a must-visit one-stop shop for everyone. IOTA has had an amazing transition from being a family-owned timber shop to now being a boutique store. Founder, Namit Ajmani ensures that the store boasts elegant and timeless pieces including designs from global heavyweights such as Ligne Roset, Kartell, Arosio Milano, Innovation Living and many more. 

BLOOM: Coffee and Side Table

With a steel base and top, this coffee and side table is anodised in a gold finish to give it an elegant look

Bloom is an everywhere and anywhere side table meant for accenting any interior space. Available in an anodised gold finish.

MOTION: Coffee and Side Table

Motion has a walnut veneer top alongside a fabric basket for storage purposes. The attached black metal parts accentuate its look and it is easy to care for with a damp lint-free cloth


A mobile side table that just elevates any space…..that is Motion’s speciality!

Motion is an everywhere and anywhere mobile side table meant for accenting any interior space! The additional fabric open basket provides ample storage space underneath the table.

 HOURGLASS: Coffee and Side table

Hourglass has a structural base in blown tinted glass while its table top in tempered lacquered glass has brass accents

The “Hourglass Table” by Sebastian Herkner turns our perceptual habits on its head, using the lightweight, fragile material of glass as a base for a black tinted glass framed in solid brass that seems to float above it. Hand-blowing the traditional manner using a wooden mould, the transparent tinted glass base asserts a scriptural presence in space, contrasting intriguingly with the opaque frame on top while also forming with it a harmonious unit recalling the elegant curving silhouette of an hourglass. Available in grey base.

DANIEL: Trolley

A stone gloss tray with a walnut box and black metal parts make Daniel a must-have item for your home


Functionality, mobility and stability…… everything that a trolley requires to work smoothly. Daniel checks all boxes

Daniel service trolley is an elegant and immensely practical moving trolley structured in painted metal and walnut wood veneer. The protruding handles at both ends ensure added functional mobility and stability.

MINI: Cabinet

A walnut veneer with transparent fluted glass and golden metal legs makes Mini a charming addition to your home

Mini cabinet is a multipurpose storage and décor piece meant for any interior space.

FIFTY: Armchair

With an anodised steel structure and hand-woven cords, the Fifty armchair is outdoor usage compatible and is easy to clean with a lint-free damp cloth


A blend of minimal design and traditional warmth, Fifty is an everywhere chair by Ligne Roset from France

The Fifty armchair gives a sculptural presence indoors or outdoors and will intrigue with its unexpected alliance of the minimalist design of its steel structure and the traditional warmth of the hand-woven cord.

BUTTON: Working chair

An easy-to-maintain bonded leather chair with a tilt mechanism and adjustable gas piston, Button has a single moulded foam structure which makes it comfortable for its user

Made of easy to maintain bonded leather with a tilt mechanism and height adjustable gas piston, the Button is elegance redefined.


Shane-N desk is made out of walnut wood and has soft close drawers

Shane-N desk is a home office table made in walnut veneer. The table has a frontal drawer with a soft close mechanism that serves as a storage unit.

LAGOS: Dining Chair/Armchair/Working Chair

Lagos has a dark green leatherette surface and highly resilient foam. Moreover, its golden legs add to the sophisticated look and take it up a notch

Lagos is an ultra-luxurious chair with armrests; made in anodised steel and bottle green leatherette. The chair can be used in bedrooms or dining areas alike.

 STILO: Armchair

This armchair is made out of FSC certified wood frame and has its base in anodised aluminium. With high-quality soft foam and natural leather upholstery, Stilo is a classic chair dressed to impress


A Danish classic made for maximum comfort, the Stilo is a chair dressed to impress

Stilo is a Danish classic yet modern chair dressed to impress. The perfect private escape – inviting you in with its soft flowing lines and feminine appearance. Stilo with its swivel 360-degree feature has pleasant arm pads, good lumbar support, built-in neck rest and good proportions which gives it great comfort.

PET CAGE: Decorative Object

The pet cage has an iron frame body and PVC grey strip weaving which makes it a cosy nook for your furry friend

A Pet cage is a resting space for pets at home made of wicker and recycled cotton.

Gregory: Side board

With a tempered glass top, a stoke glass tray and a walnut veneer, Gregory by IOTA from All over the World is a must have console for your home

The Gregory Console is a tribute to the Nordic way of life. With minimum styling and maximum utility, the console also has a compartment like storage. It serves a dual purpose of an entrance cabinet and a utility piece!

Vintage: Coffee and Side Table

A side table cum storage cabinet, this is a furniture piece for every interior space. A blend of natural veneer and golden metal legs, Vintage is the epitome of elegance

Smart Table: Coffee and Side Table

Metal legs and a black oak top complete the finishings on this side cum coffee table

The Smart Table is a multi utility piece of furniture with wooden top that serves as an additional accessory with any type of sofa.

Twin: Coffee and Side Table

Twin is a walnut veneer top side table with a tempered glass shelf and black metal parts

An interplay of two surfaces in wood and glass, the Twin side table merges style with functionality in its very essence

Bob: Coffee and Side Table

Bob by IOTA is made with stainless steel and adjustable height vas piston meaning it can adjusted for you to be your most comfortable self

The only side table which can be adjusted in height, it can be used an add on to any interior space and it will compliment it well.

Riva: Coffee and Side Table

A smart Table collective with a swiveling top on a strong wooden base, Riva is best used in pair for larger spaces.

Jump: Coffee and Side Table

A walnut veneer body and black metal parts elevates Jump to the next level

A rectangular table with extendable top and smooth functionality, Jump stands out in any and every living area.

IOTA boutique store is tucked away in the heart of Kirti Nagar- a dreamy outpost where homeowners and design professional come for an experiential service and consultative engagement, you can be one of them. Choosing the right furniture for your home or office not only improves overall beauty but keeps your stress away as well. As a piece of your habitation, the furniture you choose should mirror your identity and taste and IOTA’s ‘Everyroom x Anyroom’ furniture series is the perfect choice for the same.