Interior Designer Svetlana Koleda’s modern residential project in Minsk truly shows us that sky is indeed the limit

MAY 6, 2020 | By Sakshi Rai
The living room features a neutral palette and is furnished with Vitra armchairs and seaters, a plush feathery white B&B Italia rocking chair, Moooi sofa and floor lamp
A partial view of the living room
Close up of the dining counter behind the living room
A partition segregates the living and dining space

A sheer love for flying and the stunning views one has access to when airborne are what stemmed the theme for this cosy 425 sq ft apartment located in the north western outskirts of Belarus’s capital city Minsk. Interior designer Svetlana Koleda, who was inspired by the video of a popular J:MPOC song showing a tour of the world on an airplane, fashioned the residence.

She aptly titled it the Wings project and built it from scratch over one year, exhibiting similar references across the space. Speaking on the topic, she shares, “What I particularly liked was the freedom of choice on design and materials that came from the trust the client had on me, although it also brought with it a huge responsibility.

The overall area is designed and divided as three individual islands, starting with a hallway which has black concealed cubical storage on all four sides. In keeping with current advancements of technology, the abode was created as a smart one with controls to regulate the light and temperature. Necessary equipment and wiring was placed within the storage so as to not create a cluttered look.

A seating area in the home


The dining area


A muted orange seater is seen in the bedroom


The bedroom features grey and black tones

To the right of the hallway are the living room and kitchen while a left turn leads to the music room and resting chambers. The former sections were conceptualised to be compact and functional with a distinct urban finish. These employ a neutral colour palette of soft pastel walls, rigid and long lasting flooring made using parquet planks and are furnished with Vitra armchairs and seaters, a plush feathery white B&B Italia rocking chair, Moooi sofa and floor lamp.

The master bedroom is more peaceful and soothing, with a central wall framed artwork featuring clouds and mountains over a felt bed by Ukranian studio Faina Design, a Moooi clouds carpet and Atelier Aretti lamps. The second bedroom, crafted for a child with custom plywood furniture is comparatively smaller, but optimally uses of the space available.

A pristine white piano sits against a beige wooden backdrop


This bedroom features a lighter palette with quirky wall accessories

The construction of the house reflects the family’s avid interest in music as well by allotting a specific room dedicated to it. The space is bathed in mint green, a colour synonymous with harmony and houses a triangular bay window resembling a plane’s cockpit. And it is here that the family sings, practices and performs together on musical instruments such a set of drums and a pianoforte.