Interior designer Aakif Habib moulds an idyllic traveler’s paradise in the historic town of Pushkar

MAY 7, 2020 | By Sakshi Rai
The Tent Resort in Pushkar offers a collection of 20 pool-facing tents with opulent features
The boutique resort is made using eco-friendly materials such as wood and stone and natural fabrics, sourced from around the country and abroad
The interiors are furnished with wooden four poster beds covered in sumptuous linens and Bedouin styled sofas

Sprawled across 10 acres of verdant green land, a sight envious by itself in an otherwise barren desert, lies a picturesque luxury boutique resort fashioned by interior design studio Aakif Habib. Located in the sacred northwestern town of Pushkar in Rajasthan, also famous for being one of the settlement sites for ancient civilisations, this spectacular property houses a series of 20 pool facing, extravagant tents, making for a serene and alluring getaway. Nestled among the dunes and underneath an endless expanse of clear skies, it makes for an ideal glamping destination. The tent resort offers travelers a chance to experience an authentic desert lifestyle and reconnect with nature while rejuvenating in the utmost comfort and opulence.

With luxurious accommodations and a swimming pool, the Tent Resort offers a revitalising stay in the desert environs
Atelier Habib ensured that the construction was consciously crafted using sustainable materials such as wood and stone and natural fabrics, sourced from within the country and abroad as well to lend an organic aesthetic to the architecture. Designed to resemble native camping spots, each of the tents feature a typical canopy roof made using patterned fabrics. The interiors are replete with cosy linens atop wooden four poster beds with intricate lattice work, Bedouin styled sofas, mirrors and lamps. Each tent also has an attached bathroom within and an extended patio setting to enjoy mesmeric views of distant hills.