Instant Pop: 5 unique colours for a fantastic bathroom facelift

MAR 15, 2016 | By Jaina Chandwany

White is so yesterday. Catch up with the times and take a bold step with these punchy palettes for your washroom. Anything but ordinary, these schemes will raise eyebrows and drop jaws for a good reason.
1. Coal black Create a savvy washroom in all black as seen in this sophisticated washroom designed by Studio BRIO. Grey diamond patterned limestone flooring complements the cement epoxy partitions by Pandomo from Greenheart Floors – perfect for shutting the world out.

2. Asian red Introduce an eastern zen inspired atmosphere with pleasing red just like Sonali Purewal did in this washroom for a New Delhi loft. The waterfall faucet coupled with bamboo blinds lends a soothing organic vibe. Don’t miss the TS Eliot poem scripted on the wall that strikes a chord on a spiritual level.
3. Tropical greenIf you are a nature lover, you will love bathing against the verdant hues of a rainforest. To create a feeling of lush foliage, pick a deep green hue for the walls. If you want to amp up the jungle fever, get creative with animal shaped organisers, stone accents and bark textured storage shelves.
4. Sandy ochre Embrace sunshine hues on walls with cues from this lively washroom in John and Faith Singh’s rustic Jaipur house. Match this shade with beach blue for windows, doors and panels and perhaps add some indoor plants to give off relaxing vacation vibes.
5. Waterfall blueCapture the energy of running water bodies just as Isla Maria Van Damme achieved with tones of azure in this Goan pool house by Mandira and Sumeet Nath. The wall and floor panels have been designed by Lou Lou for Bharat Floorings and Tiles while the shower fittings are from Grohe.
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