Inside the six celebrity homes with Asian Paints Where The Heart Is Season 7

MAR 4, 2024 | By Krupakshi Mehta

Be it minimal and underplayed or painted in a maximalist demeanour, your home should be a reflection of yourself, they say. In Season 7 of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is, six renowned celebrities take us through their nests and the stories behind their enclaves.

No less than an art lover’s Instagram feed — Falguni and Shane Peacock

Photographs courtesy Asian Paints

After opening up doors to their traditional yet experimental collection that has graced red carpets, silver screens and wedding festivities, designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock have now opened up doors to their home, which is a spin-off of their grandiose clothing. Their residence is a true representation of their love for travel, art and familial bonds. Embellished with antique pieces sourced from their travels worldwide and Shane’s paintings, this home is no less than an art lover’s Instagram feed.

This home is a blend of Western inspiration and traditional ideologies. Shane also unveils his artistic side with his first abstract painting, a cherished creation encapsulating the essence of the Peacock family.

Discussing the design journey of their home, Shane reveals, “As designers, we are always surrounded by so much colour. At home, we wanted to take a completely different route.”

A hat-trick in design — Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra

Photographs courtesy Asian Paints

In his homeland Jalandhar, cricket Harbhajan Singh envisions a neutral haven that is an escape from the chaos that lurks outside. Taking us through all the carefully curated spaces that spread across three floors, Harbhajan can’t help but show his excitement. The bedroom, in all white, welcomes the sun rays to brighten up his cherished childhood memories, literally. The walls act as an album, a collection of some pictures from the days when life was easy and fun.

“It’s a collaborative effort. A lot of things are him; a lot of things are me, and a lot of things are both of us,” says Geeta Basra as she takes us through the corners of the home. 

The home also has a private theatre, a sports bar and a garden for a perfect family moment. The sports bar, which he affectionately calls his “den” has a bar unit made from his cricket stumps that flaunt the signatures of his teammates. The space also takes one to the moment when Harbhajan got a hat trick through the ball pins that are now an art for this corner. 

A white canvas — Janhvi Kapoor and Boney Kapoor

Photographs courtesy Asian Paints

“In this entire process of shifting into a house I have realised that a home isn’t just the four walls that you buy. It’s the choices. It’s the love that you bring in, it’s the feeling, it’s the memories that you create in your house.” says Janhvi as she along with her father Boney Kapoor guides us through every turn in their home. 

With a Neo-classical theme as the base, Janhvi has dared to mix gold and silver in some corners. It surprisingly works well in this expansive space. The abode also reminisces the vibrant and the most iconic personality Indian cinema was ever graced by, Sridevi. 

The living room displays one of the largest paintings Sridevi ever created. The home very subtly intertwines shades of gold, white and wood. To keep Sridevi’s essence alive in this home, they have created a replica of their previous home. 

Just out of a movie — Karan Johar

Photographs courtesy Asian Paints

Renowned filmmaker and producer Karan Johar graciously opens the doors of his Mumbai abode, a space that will remind you of film sets. “An ideal home is a result of your personality. Coming back home means coming back to peace,” says Karan. This philosophy resonates throughout, reflected in the carefully curated colour palette of beiges and creams that evoke textures of individuality.

From the living room with multiple lounging areas to the dining space boasting a mosaic painting and modern table, every aspect exudes Karan’s penchant for extravagance.

The wrap-around patio, enveloped in lush greenery, transports one to an Amazonian jungle. Beyond the opulent décor lies a repository of cherished memories, reflecting Karan’s illustrious career and journey through fatherhood.

Home to a tennis legend — Sania Mirza

Photographs courtesy Asian Paints

Tennis icon Sania Mirza warmly welcomes audiences into her two-storey villa with its pristine all-white exterior and circular columns with a majestic horse sculpture gracing the entrance.

“This is the space where we spend, probably the most time in this house. It is the most spacious sort of living, drawing slash dining, slash kitchen which has now been converted into a foosball table area for my four-and-a-half-year-old son,” says Saina as she explains to us the layout of her abode. A cosy personal space, perfect for the family to unwind, is placed next to a lounge adorned with gold accents. 

On the upper deck, the home features a prayer room in light hues. Izhaan’s blue and grey-themed room showcases her thoughtful approach to creating a space that reflects her son’s preferences while maintaining a connection to her design aesthetic.

In the master bedroom, earthy tones dominate, with a striking bottle green accent. Sania’s attention to detail is evident as she explains the rationale behind each design choice, including the strategic use of gold accents to evoke a sense of grandeur.

Celebrating life through design — Sunil Grover

Photographs courtesy Asian Paints

The Indian actor-comedian Sunil Grover takes us through his home, nestled in the suburbs of Mumbai. Designed by his wife and renowned interior designer Aarti Grover, their home is filled with laughter, warmth and life stories offering an intimate peek into their world.

Reflecting on his journey, Sunil shares, “I started with a room kitchen apartment, which was a rented apartment. I was equally happy. But then after two years, maybe three years, I added one bedroom and next year one more bedroom. Doesn’t matter how many bedrooms or the carpet area that you have. You should be happy.” The kitchen, strategically positioned with 360-degree rotating windows, offers a picturesque view of the balcony. 

The upper floor unveils a panoramic vista of Mumbai, a reflection of Sunil’s journey in the city. His balcony overlooks every milestone, symbolising the heights he has attained. The TV room, adorned with special soundproofing, holds cherished memories of voice-over sessions and recordings. Sunil Grover’s home embodies a vivacious celebration of life. Every detail in the home reflects his playful and creative spirit, making it a haven where one truly meets oneself.

Season 7 of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is provides enthusiasts with an exclusive glimpse into the design ethos and personal anecdotes that have shaped these celebrity homes.