Gestalt, where the whole surpasses its parts — Inside TaP Design Inc.’s Bengaluru home

OCT 26, 2023 | By Krupakshi Mehta
The dining area is furnished with elegant pieces from Magari and Petals Furnishings, featuring a modern dining light base from Making Concept and dining light pendants by Olie, creating a cohesive and inviting ambiance; Photography by Nayan Soni
The living room is adorned with Magari's furniture and a unique handcrafted center table from Making Concept, featuring exquisite marble from Marble Italia. The walls are decorated with wallpaper and curtains from Petals Furnishings; Photography by Nayan Soni

In the bustling heart of Bengaluru, a 1,500 sq ft apartment has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. It embarked on a profound exploration of perception, guided by the principles of Gestalt design that emphasise how humans recognise patterns and simplify complex images to create a unified and meaningful whole. Once a blank canvas, this home by TaP Design Inc. is where the boundaries between form and function blur, inviting one to contemplate how, like our minds’ perception of the world, this home too finds beauty in the synthesis of its parts. Here every corner whispers the profound message that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts.

TaP Design Inc
The corridor boasts an on-site custom architrave by Making Concept, a Beruru planter, light fixtures from Light & Style, and the wall light is from The Purple Turtles; Photography by Nayan Soni


TaP Design Inc
The living room features a coffee table from Magari and a center table custom-made on site by Making Concept, and the rug from Jaipur Rugs; Photography by Nayan Soni

Breaking down barriers

“Civil changes were the most challenging, but we made it happen,” says Iesha Parekh and Sneha Talati, Principal Designers at TaP Design Inc. considering the limited height and compartmentalised structure. However, it was within these constraints that innovation thrived. Walls that once divided spaces came down, allowing the apartment to breathe. The owner’s vision of a monochromatic dwelling became the guiding star; blending elements, textures and colours.

In the foyer, brass lighting accents, a marble inlay and a strategically placed mirror create an inviting entryway. Geometric patterns inlaid onto the marble expand the space visually.

TaP Design Inc
In the dining area, the furniture from Magari complements the dining light base from Making Concept. The dining light pendants are crafted in collaboration with Olie; Photography by Nayan Soni


TaP Design Inc
The dining area is furnished with Magari furniture, curtains from Petals Furnishings and a dining table featuring a light base from Making Concept and pendants lights from Olie; Photography by Nayan Soni

Where the party’s at — Living, balcony, kitchen or bar?

The central living space unfolds with a fireplace crafted from brass and marble flutes. Black and white striped wallpaper accentuates arch features. An open bar unit extends the concept of the dry kitchen, using solid brass pipes. Bold colours like olive green, magenta and yellow injects character to the space. The black and white tiles along with bougainvillaea and hydrangea accents visually merge the indoors with the outdoors.

TaP Design Inc
The kitchen created with magnificent Marazzi porcelain tile features white fluted marbled Bar Gantry and Partition by Making Concept and Made on site; Photography by Nayan Soni


TaP Design Inc
In the kitchen, the Marazzi tiles are from Marble Italia and shutters from Zeina are subtly complimented by Studio Made handles and knobs, well-lit with the lighting fixtures from Light & Style; Photography by Nayan Soni

Compact yet brimming with character, the daughter’s bedroom boasts a wooden bed, basic white walls and a dresser with see-through fluted shutters. A box bed with minimal components keeps the design simple. Bright hues in the bathroom cater to the daughter’s taste, while blush pink drapes add a pop of colour.

The bedroom endowing a sense of tranquillity features the rug from Carpet Kingdom. Furniture from Making Concept, Made on site. The light is from Purple Turtles; Photography by Nayan Soni


The room features custom-made furniture, partitions, and wardrobes by Making Concept and a rug from Carpet Kingdom; Photography by Nayan Soni

The primary bedroom shines with mosaic tiles in black and white. A spatial separation between the walk-in wardrobe and the bedroom was achieved by joining two bedrooms and reallocating space from the passage. 

The primary bedroom features a bed upholstered in houndstooth fabric and a side table in a contrasting hue from Making Concept and Made on site. The elegant pendant lights contributing to the bedroom aesthetics are from The Purple Turtles. The furnishing and black and white curtains are from Petals Furnishing; Photography by Nayan Soni


The walk – in closet with mosaic tile bestowing a monochromatic look features a Wardrobe from Zenia. Hanging Lights are from Prakash Lights; Photography by Nayan Soni


The balcony features planters from Ripples Home and storage from Making Concept. The wooden ceiling is by Trysquare Flooring; Photography by Nayan Soni

Here, spaces within spaces, figures and grounds converse artistically and elements converge in perfect proximity. In this home, Gestalt’s artistry thrives, a testament that even in concrete creations, a deeper truth prevails — the whole always transcends the mere sum of its parts.

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