Innovative Design Studio: Bridging tradition and technology in lighting

JAN 6, 2024 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
Brokisglass Geometric Light; Photograph courtesy Innovative Design Studio
Lumina Dot 800; Photograph courtesy Innovative Design Studio

The door swings open, the clock ticking towards eight in the evening. The room, veiled in darkness. A single step onto the rug, a tap on the wall, and suddenly, the space comes alive with a graceful dance of lights. This luminous moment is not just about illumination; it’s a narrative sculpted by Innovative Design Studio (IDS), where technology intertwines seamlessly with tradition.

Innovative Design Studio
Zafferano Lap Poldina Craquelè, Photograph courtesy Innovative Design Studio

At the forefront of this exploration is Innovative Design Studio,
a trailblazer in the realm of high-end lighting. Stepping into the world of IDS means immersing oneself in a curated experience guided by a rich thought process.

From the inception of the studio, a deep commitment to blending tradition with modern technology has shaped IDS’s ideology. Their journey is not merely a quest for illumination; it’s a deliberate curation of designs that embrace the cutting-edge capacities of today.


Martinelli Luce 2301 Elastica 895; Photograph courtesy Innovative Design Studio

More than just a design studio, IDS stands as a pioneer in bringing the artistry of high-end lighting to India. Their vision extends beyond the mere act of providing light; it encompasses a mission to elevate the standards of lighting aesthetics in the country. By bringing international designs to the local forefront, IDS has not only established themselves as market leaders but also as custodians of a transformative experience in Indian homes.

The synergy of technology and craftsmanship gives rise to
distinctive fixtures that redefine the boundaries of luxury.

Moreover, a growing commitment to sustainability within this fusion is evident, with designers embracing eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient LED lighting and environmentally conscious production processes.

Folio Torre Fondazione Prada, Milan, Italy Folio Marble; Photograph courtesy Innovative Design Studio

Several high-end lighting brands exemplify this fusion of technology and aesthetics. Axolight introduces “Dim to Warm” technology, allowing users to adjust both luminosity and colour temperature seamlessly. Beau&Bien sculpts the light and exploits the best of innovative LED technology as a result designing luminaries with surprising functions and aspects.

Elite Bohemia; Photograph courtesy Innovative Design Studio

Elite Bohemia brings together time-tested techniques and modern technology, creating crystal chandeliers that embody beauty and luxury. Lumina’s Dot, designed by Foster + Partners, fuses form and function, utilising advanced lighting technology to create a visual experience. Martinelli Luce utilises technological modular lamps, exemplifying dynamic and essential design philosophies.

Birdie Tree lamp by Beau&Bien; Photograph courtesy Innovative Design Studio

Zafferano introduces the Poldina lamp, a battery-operated, portable marvel that caters to both indoor and outdoor settings, providing light in spaces where electricity is not readily available. Folio exemplifies the fusion of art and technology, offering ultra-thin luminous panels that redefine contemporary lighting solutions.

Salina pendant lamp by by Francesca de Giorgi from Axolight; Photograph courtesy Innovative Design Studio

In this dynamic landscape, where each light switch illuminates a fusion of tradition and innovation, Innovative Design Studio emerges as a guiding force. Their work isn’t just about creating sources of light; it’s about crafting transformative elements that redefine how we perceive and experience our living spaces. 

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