Cool, customisable and tech-friendly — Meet the new Infinity collection of smart switches by Digital Dreams changing the experience of homes

JUN 9, 2022 | By Pratishtha Rana
Smart switches by Digital Dreams enable a seamless connectivity and function of technology
Minimal and clutter-free, every living space becomes easily operative with smart switches by Digital Dreams
Smart switches by Digital Dreams come in many, designer finishes

An effortless combination of technology, innovation and thoughtful design for the living spaces can make a huge difference in the way we practise our daily routines. Today, with every part of our lives interconnected with one another, it is only ideal to bring a similar change at homes. That’s where Digital Dreams steps in with its trove of smart home automation products, making design an experience for all.

Digital Dreams is a part of NCC Telecom Pvt. Ltd. that holds expertise in the art of automation and tech-forwards switches for homes. NCC is one of the foremost manufacturers of smart home technology in line with the country’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. Its impressive portfolio consists of over 7000 homes automated across India. 

Clean, minimal and tech-friendly are the smart switches by Digital Dreams

Smart switches essentially are light switches that allow easy control and automation. Being wireless and often operated via apps, devices or even a simple hand gesture or movement, smart switches are steadily becoming the first choice for designers and even home dwellers as these switches are energy efficient and make customising one’s living areas hassle-free. 

What’s new at Digital Dreams?

The latest that Digital Dreams brings for every interior and design enthusiast is the Infinity Collection of retrofit smart touch switches with a high focus on the user experience. 

The many shades and finishes of the smart switches by Digital Dreams

Infinity switches are meticulously created in various colour finishes with utmost quality and craftsmanship. Not only does it elevate the decor setting but also adds by collectively controlling lights, fans, cooling systems, curtains, door locks and more.

A perfect home setting is elevated with a new smart switches by Digital Dreams

So whether you like controlling the technology at home with Siri and Alexa or that quick one-touch tap, infinity switches can be configured to your comfort.

For all the times you may have thought about the switches not getting an upgrade in their design or function, the new Infinity switches are changing that! Every designer can now pick the materials for the switches and tailor its form and function according to the needs of the homeowner — the end user.

Smart switches by Digital Dreams


Created for the design enthusiasts, the new avatar of smart switches for homes by Digital Dreams

Now set your mood lighting at home right, let your room cool up to your preferred temperature and even adjust curtains of your living and bedroom, before you step inside your home or office!

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