Indulge in a melting pot of flavours, ingredients and sugary goodness at Hurrems—a new Turkish boutique cafe in Mumbai

DEC 19, 2019 | By Sakshi Rai
The elegantly styled interiors with wooden floors, regal drapes and opulent lighting
Turkish Bread

Escape into the culinary bylanes of Turkey as you treat yourself to an array of delectable treats at the newly opened Hurrems Turkish confectionary and cafe in Mumbai’s heritage zone—Fort. A first of its kind, the premium gifting store specialises in authentic, handcrafted savoury food like Pide, Borek, traditional Turkish tea and coffee, as well as desserts like Kunefe, Halvas, Turkish Delights and variations of the native Baklava, all tedious preparations, made with utmost love and care.

Turkish Delight

The store also hosts a Nut Bar, exhibiting an opulent assortment of nuts and exotic date assortments. The sprawling interiors designed by Turkish architects Özlem Kulaç and Berkay Kars of Zarha Design & Visualization LLC are laden with an air of celebration and rich heritage. To portray a legacy of luxury and extravagance, true to the inception of the store, the creative duo makes use of scaled up forms, warm colours, lavish fabrics and regal metals like bronze. The orientation of the space is inspired from the conventional Ottoman geometry while the furniture and displays fuse sleek with ornamental to give rise to statement pieces that are vintage yet modern.