What’s new at Indian Accent? The incredible moodboard of Punit Jasuja and Sabyasachi for Nilaya by Asian Paints drapes the New Delhi restaurant

MAR 11, 2024 | By Aditi Singla
Photographs courtesy Asian Paints
Photographs courtesy Asian Paints
Photographs courtesy Asian Paints

Culinary experiences have become an artful fusion of taste and captivating ambience. Restaurants echoing with unique gastronomy and conversational interiors become a beloved destination and people love to come around again. To provide an inviting environment for patrons to enjoy their meals, Indian Accent, the crown jewel of New Delhi’s culinary scene, has undergone a stunning transformation, thanks to an aesthetic partnership with Asian Paints, alongside the expertise of Punit Jasuja, the Creative Director of Punit Jasuja Productions and Second Floor Studio.

Their collective efforts have culminated in the creation of an unforgettable all-day dining experience for Delhiites.

Interiors of the Indian Accent, New Delhi drape Sabyasachi for Nilaya by Asian Paints and design ethos of Punit Jasuja of Punit Jasuja Productions and Second Floor Studio; Photographs courtesy Asian Paints


Inside Indian Accent, New Delhi; Photographs courtesy Asian Paints

Indian Accent’s 110-seat dining space has been revitalised, courtesy of plush fabrics and enchanting wallpapers sourced from Sabyasachi for Nilaya by Asian Paints’ The Heartland Collection. Every detail is mapped-out including the eclectic mix of fabrics such as Pashm Damask, Hazaribag Linen, the Great Moghol Traveller and Vintage Sanganer. Created by renowned designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee himself, The Heartland Collection consists of over 120 fabrics and wallpaper options, thoughtfully curated in five distinct groupings, each inspired by the designer’s eclectic travels to exotic places like North Africa, Vrindavan and the Coromandel coast. Launched in 2021, the extensive range is part of the larger Sabyasachi for Nilaya by Asian Paints, and each piece invites the design maestros to embrace a unique style and infuse living spaces with the essence of Sabyasachi’s aesthetic vision. To add the touch of luxury and sophistication across the nation, these fine fabrics and wallpapers are available at handpicked furnishing stores across India.

The interiors at Indian Accent, New Delhi by Asian Paints and Punit Jasuja of Punit Jasuja Productions and Second Floor Studio reveal striking details; Photographs courtesy Asian Paints


Inside Indian Accent, New Delhi; Photographs courtesy Asian Paints

Velvets and linen adorned with printed florals and textured embroidery grace the interiors of Indian Accent, creating a festive atmosphere with mixture of culture, cuisine and choices. Punit Jasuja, the creative mind behind the restaurant’s revamped interiors shares his thought process that guided the makeover saying, “We wanted to ensure what we chose lent itself to making sure the food was the star. So, we approached the project by looking at what is the restaurant’s signature style and essence.” The Delhi-based aesthete further emphasised the synergy between Indian Accent’s culinary philosophy and design ethos of The Heart Collection and said “It looks at traditional Indian recipes and then modernises them. Which is similar to the fabrics and wallpaper from The Heartland Collection, which are rooted in tradition but have been given a modern twist. What we chose complements the sensuality of the food and the colours reflect the ambience and the nature of the space.”

At Indian Accent, New Delhi, the palate is elevated with design-forward elements; Photographs courtesy Asian Paints


A melange of colours inside Indian Accent, New Delhi takes the focus, thanks to the collaboration between Asian Paints and Punit Jasuja; Photographs courtesy Asian Paints

This dynamic alliance between Indian Accent, New Delhi and Sabyasachi for Nilaya by Asian Paints heralds the union of two iconic Indian brands. One known for its carefully curated menu and the other for creating eccentric environs. The Indian Accent and EHV International team, champions of India’s culinary heritage express their enthusiasm about this project stating that, “We’ve consistently taken what was established and reinterpreted it in unprecedented contemporary ways. Asian Paints, too, has been doing that through all their décor solutions. Hence, the pairing of the furnishings and wallpaper from their Sabyasachi for Nilaya collection with our path breaking gastronomy has created an excellent finish, which will add to the dining experience of our patrons.”

A witty play of scales, colours and materials comes together inside Indian Accent, New Delhi; Photographs courtesy Asian Paints

The restaurant is a breath of fresh air offering calm in the chaos of the city. It now unfurls as a sensory treat celebrating the warmth of great food and palpable luxurious interiors. The vivacious seating style in colourful regal textures juxtaposed against wooden walls, sculpt a sanctuary of enchantment transporting diners to a world of its own. All things considered, it is a must-experience venue that radiates great vibes on the weekends and is perfect for quick midweek meals, with its path breaking gastronomical dishes, smooth delicious cocktails and exquisite surroundings.