In these socially distant times, we find sweet solace whilst sitting in bespoke chairs that scream “room for one only”

JUL 19, 2020 | By Sonia Dutt and Sakshi Rai
Hideout lounge chair, by Front for GTV at Mondo Collection
The focus pod seat by notedesign studio
(L-R) Tuttomio Chair by Campeggi; Bent chair; Bla Stations Pocket Armchair
(L-R) Kateryna Sokolova Designs Capsule-Office Furniture Collection for Casala; V1 Lounge Chair OB ODESD2; Eero Aarnio Ball Chair

Raring to go out but the words “social distancing” are ringing loud and clear? Fret not, for we have a solution for you to stay safely “cocooned” and shielded. To help you maintain that crucial six feet gap, we’ve culled out 10 cushy chairs or should we say personal bubbles, that are perfect for what is going to be the new norm globally. Finding a niche in both work and home interiors, or given the new reality for more home offices, we love that these seaters promise to provide as much privacy and comfort inside as well as outside your home. Available in a range of designs, fabrics and colours, here are our recommendations for staying contained.

Svyatoslav Zbroy, industrial designer, architect and founder of this Ukranian practice
, crafts a bespoke rounded seater using a medley of materials and textiles such as aluminium, felt, chenille and hollowfibre. Perched on a low plywood stand, and in a myriad of colour options, this mini enclosure proves to be the ideal, isolated work station.


Part of this furnishing brand’s lounge collection by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud is this iconic, tech-aided piece. The seater comes with an adjustable arm to position your notepad or laptop, handsfree support for digital devices, and also a storage ottoman. Its most distinct attribute—the hooded canopy—has features such as inbuilt lighting and optimal acoustics, allowing one to truly escape even when in a crowd.

Mondo Collection

Merging aesthetics with comfort, the Hideout Lounge Chair by Swedish studio Front for Gebrüder Thonet Vienna at Mondo Collection is an updated version of the brand’s trademark style. The seater has a square, beam-bent solid beech structure and a cushioned seat that continues upwards onto the backrest. It is flanked on both sides with enveloping woven cane parts, creating an intimate cove.


Envisioned as a compact room in itself is the Ear Chair by Studio Makkink & Bey for this Dutch firm. The seater gets its name from the dramatic, overhead, ear like extensions on either side, designed to offer utmost privacy to the user. While the exterior features a grey hue, the interior upholstery can be customised, as can the length of the ear flaps in varying combinations.

Stone Designs x Blå Station

Modelled as a personal treasure trove, the Pocket Chair comes as an elegant solution to store and safeguard belongings in crowded public spaces such as hotel lobbies, waiting areas and restaurants. The collaboration between the Spanish studio Stone Designs and Swedish furniture maker has led to the creation of a shell of the cup-like monochrome chair. It is made using eco-friendly PurCore with a soft inner lining and stands upright on its short, powder coated legs.

Bernotat & Co

The Dutch designers have created the Prêt-à-porter ChairWear collection as a concept of extending our wardrobe onto the furniture we already possess, thus recycling them for comfort. Seen here is the Hoodini seat, inspired by a hoodie or jacket and featuring a multifunctional cover that a person can slip underneath to completely obscure their heads from view or alternatively use as a hanging storage fold.

Campeggi Tuttomio

Milanese creative Emanuele Magini conceptualised the red, cone shaped chair that elevates workstations to a whole new level. Putting distractions at bay, it allows the user to hide behind its rotating walls, which can be parted at different angles and orientations. This playful cubicle setting also constitutes an integrated desk for electronics.


Connection Zone’s slender Privacy Booth for this brand is designed to provide increased concentration with advanced acoustical qualities, limited peripheral views and its ability to drown out external or background noise. Suitable for many varying environments, its open top structure allows natural illumination, while its 360 degree swivel base provides users with access, mobility and preferred engagement.

Bent Chair

A chic addition to your interior settings is this brand’s stunning Grayson Wingback seater. Upholstered in velvet, its elegant silhouette and tufted high back are just enough to attain adequate amounts of isolation. The regal plum hue and glossy finish on its modular metallic legs add to its stately charm.

Note Design Studio
Crafted by this Stockholm based practice, the Focus Podseat is a minimalist seating arrangement. The towering piece combines the screen, bench and work desk into one integrated unit, acing the roles of both design and functionality. Its high backrest and sound absorbing feature encapsulate the user and increase focus as the product name suggests.