Iqrup and Ritz’s studio is a classically English workspace in the outskirts of Delhi

JUL 1, 2019 | By Aneesha Bhadri & Prateeksha Kackar
Crystals and stationery on Iqrup’s desk; Photographs by Ankush Maria
The sitting room houses a Verona rose marble fireplace, an antique Sultanabad rug, and the Tate chair and Negroni trolley by Iqrup + Ritz; Photographs by Ankush Maria
A mood board of swatches and sample materials; Photographs by Ankush Maria

Having a home office or studio is significantly convenient. However, when the need to brainstorm design ideas for a project or collection arises, there’s nothing more comfortable than a studio situated in peaceful environs. Mother daughter duo Iqrup and Ritika Dhamijas’ studio combines both these ideals. Situated in their farmhouse in Delhi, it is the perfect spot for contemplating and ideating.
Quiet study Surrounded by trees, dense shrubbery and flowers, the home studio is a cosy and classically English space that complements the rest of the abode. Its elegant interiors create a calm and productive environment to induce creative exploration.

“Sitting in different areas of the room changes your perspective. For example, moving to a sofa rather than always sitting on a desk can put one in a different frame of mind,” says Ritika.

Iqrup and Ritika Dhamija; Photographs by Ankush Maria

Keeping that in mind, their workplace is artfully interspersed with comfortable seating areas. “We love to mix and match and, in true Iqrup + Ritz style, the furniture is an eclectic mix of antique English and colonial Indian furniture,” adds Iqrup.

Iqrup’s desk sitting next to the window with book shelves on the side; Photographs by Ankush Maria

European elegance French windows allow natural light in, providing a view of lush gardens and peacocks strutting their magnificent plumage. Stained glass in the internal wall gives a faceted, mystical view, and forms mesmeric shadows on surfaces.

An armchair upholstered in William Morris fabric is placed beside the bookshelf; Photographs by Ankush Maria
For the colour palette, the duo chose shades of blue that complement the wooden flooring and panelling. The space expresses the founders’ love for textiles in the use of an antique Sultanabad rug and an armchair encased in William Morris fabric. Additionally, the Verona rosa marble fireplace and Zoffany wallpaper complete the look.

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The Portuguese colonial table, old plantation chair and French hunting scene lithograph above the fireplace lend a historic vibe; Photographs by Ankush Maria


The sitting room is a classically English space complementing the rest of the abode; Photographs by Ankush Maria