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In the Open: 10 trends that capture the outdoors

APR 13, 2016 | By Jaina Chandwany

Mankind has always looked for ways to reconnect with nature. So why not create a indoor haven that evokes the calm and freshness of the outdoors. Take a look around you for the perfect muse – rippling blues of water bodies, blooming flowers or shades of pebbles. Get a head start with these inspiring colour and pattern trends….1. Lagoon green Dive head first into this blue-green tint that borrows shades from the exotic islands of Southeast Asia. It will gently sweep spaces with its tranquilising tendencies, turning your home into an urban retreat. 2. Floral pink Bring home the beauty of thriving summer gardens by pairing a cacophony of flora patterns in pinks. Blending this palette with sky blues and sunshine yellows will invoke the right amount of springtime cheer.3. Organic woodStay rooted and opt for this raw material handpicked from the dense woodlands. Natural and neutral, it will inject warmth and comfort.4. Stony grey Backtrack to the basics and succumb to the simplicity of grey pebbles on pavements. The trick is to blend polished surfaces with textured accents for a primitive setup that’s grounded yet zen-like.5. Tutti frutti Take a walk to the fruit market to get this combination down pat. From bright oranges to electrifying lemon yellows, get blending for an uplifting corner that spells energy and enthusiasm.6. Berry purpleThink blueberry and grape jam for interiors that are full of punch. Be it tones of deep jamun or mild mauve, cast this shade all over for an abode that is equal parts sophisticated and playful.7. Magnetic malachite Cast a spell with intriguing layers and swirls of this precious stone. Tableware and surfaces in this rare green will will bring home a unique setting. 8. Moss and barkLet this trend grow on you. Take inspiration from lush landscape during the monsoons to imagine a green dominated setup effortlessly combined with wooden and wicker furniture. 9. Free flowing bluesLet peace ebb and flow with wallpapers and accents that remind you of waves. Embrace soothing colours of the deep blue sea for a nautical space. 10. Wildlife stripesThere’s no colour restriction on this one. Think back to your last wildlife safari and let loose with beastly patterns in metallics, browns and blacks. Stylish and edgy prints will help amp up the wilderness look.Also read: 9 nature inspired fabrics for a summery home