IMA Architects conceptualise monochrome and multifunctional interiors to fashion an interactive workspace in Ahmedabad

SEP 14, 2020 | By Jhanvi Somaya
The informal seating area near the reception features bold graphics in line with the company's branding; Photographs by PHX India
The entrance is left simple with a formal reception desk; Photographs by PHX India
Private working areas or “the DND zone”—as the creatives call them—are ideal spots for meetings and discussions; Photographs by PHX India
The office features a uniform grid punctuated by thin metallic frames holding planters; Photographs by PHX India
An informal seating area makes the most of the view from this 23rd floor office; Photographs by PHX India
Most workstations are arranged along the floor-to-ceiling glass wall; Photographs by PHX India
Two community tables are incorporated to promote collaborations; Photographs by PHX India
Varying grey tints feature in the chevron patterned flooring. Its end signals the demarcation between work and breakout zones; Photographs by PHX India
The conference rooms are designed to flexible—with removeable partitions and flexible table settings; Photographs by PHX India

A minimal yet functional aesthetic best describes the 6,200 sq ft Bank Novo office. Crafted by creatives Ishita and Mehul Narola of IMA Architects, the contemporary decor and deliberately restrained use of colours—using only those that align with the company’s branding—paves the way for a chic yet wholesome work environment.

Owing to its location on the 23rd floor, the office offers a breathtaking view of Ahmedabad city. And informal seating areas as well as passages draw attention to the picturesque panorama. Even the interactive workspaces are positioned such that one can catch a glimpse of the outside.

The office opens onto a formal reception area, which gives way to a waiting zone. This is divided into two—one offers vistas through glass windows, while the other features comfortable and elegant furniture in the foreground of a wall with brightly coloured graphics. 

Graphics on the wall lend colour to the monotoned space; Photographs by PHX India

Monochromatic passages, with grey tints on a lively, chevron-patterned flooring, lead to the focal point of the office—the central workzone. This is where ‘the real work happens’. What catches our eye is the various flexible workstations seen here—ranging from regular desks to standing work tables. Nearby are demarcated spaces for conferences as well as informal discussions.

Black, white and grey make up the primary palette, offset only by the popping, geometric art on the walls; Photographs by PHX India

“Conference rooms offer a variety of configurations—we’ve used removable partitions, flexible table settings, white back-painted glass boards, formal furniture and artefacts. We’ve also ensured that the passageways are categorised as per their location. Some act as connectors, others as buffer zones, and more elaborately decked ones go over and beyond their function,” say the creative duo.

High tables and seaters serve as informal seating for meetings, breaks and more. Thin, metallic frames hold planters to keep the interiors green and lively; Photographs by PHX India

Natural light streams in and highlights the office’s monochromatic shades and ergonomic yet aesthetic furniture. We love how the addition of numerous paintings and monochrome designs adds to the allure of this workplace.