If Dark Academia was a coffee shop, it would look a lot like Soros Coffee by Studio Goya

OCT 6, 2021 | By Tanzim Pardiwalla
The design employs metal doors finished with paint that accentuates the monochromatic theme further; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha
Furniture from Essentially Metal against white square matte tiles with black strip tiles for flooring exude a casual yet meticulous aura; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha
The seating facing the facade constitutes of black floating marble counter fixed using MS rods finished with black paint, while the MS Facade with clear glass floods the interior with daylight; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha

A layout geared towards keeping conversations flowing, a brick wall of some sort and quirky accessories—these are the hallmarks of your regular neighbourhood coffee shop. While it sounds standard for a cafe, that’s not what the folks at Soros Coffee wanted.

They wanted the space to look at once transposed in a different time and space and grounded (pun intended), just like their coffee which is sourced from different parts of the world. Akshita Mehra, creative director of Studio Goya took on this brief and fixed her proverbial gaze on a different design direction.

Located in the centre of Cunningham Road in Bengaluru’s shopping hub, the 1,670 sq ft cafe is straight out of a coffee table book with its monochrome colour palette and minimalist vibe. “Chic, understated, luxe and minimalism define the space. We’ve worked with a monochrome schematic and offset it with chrome finishes. It’s moody and sexy and gives off a very swanky vibe,” says Mehra defining the theme of the space.

Matte black tiles on the wall finished with fluted MDF detailing and Duco paint accented with antique mirror with stainless steel strip on the top and bottom execute the monochromatic theme without going over the top. Black leather upholstery line the booth seater; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha


Furniture customised from Essentially Metal with walls finished with grey texture paint compose a clean, contemporary vista; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha

Upon entering the cafe, coffee lovers will find themselves greeted by a 20 ft high ceiling and walls featuring back and white graphics. The main cafe area has a striking pinstriped flooring in black and white that lends the space its chic vintage vibe.

Display shelf finished with black Duco paint on veneer sport artifacts from Decor-fur on front slats finished with stainless steel; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha


MS frame along with ribbed glass is used for kitchen doors at Soros Coffee; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha

A wooden community table sits at the centre of the cafe surrounded with four seaters while a black marquina floating marble table faces outside towards the bustling Cunningham road. 

Neutral-coloured furniture against all black interior elements paint a strong, sleek composition; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha

Talking about the unconventional, dark colour palette, Mehra reveals, “The colours used are mostly monochrome balanced with oak and teak wood tones. Metallic chrome finishes add a very stark contrast to the warm wood finishes. This palette was derived from the branding & the logo—that language has carried on forth in the space.”

MS frame is employed for a mirror with bevelled edges behind the seatings; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha


Exterior panelled wall finished with black Duco paint on veneer kept monochrome and black to match the branding can be seen through the clear glass used for main entrance; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha


Soros Coffee by Goya Studio achieves a contemporary, monochromatic look similar to Dark Academia; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha

While the design doesn’t adhere to a specific trend, an interplay of materials emerge through experimentation with chrome pipes, fluted glass, black dyed veneers, ceramic tiles, black marquina marble, bevelled glass and more.

The marble table-top against the MS frame glass facade is the corner for magazine browsing; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha


All-dark interiors paired with the rich texture and strong hue of wood render the setting ideal for a long-due catch-up session with a friend; Photographs by Chaithraa Jagadeesha

To conclude “We at Studio Goya are absolute fanatics of experiential design. Our work reflects quiet, understated, handcrafted luxury with a hint of nostalgia for the discerning user. We design spaces that are to be remembered, that leave an imprint on you,” says Mehra.

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