ICA presents a range of luxury finishes bringing Italian attributes to your home

JUN 27, 2021 | By Jayasmita Ray
Italian wood finishes by ICA
Italian wood finishes by ICA
Italian wood finishes by ICA
Italian wood finishes by ICA
Italian wood finishes by ICA

ICA of Italy, leaders of luxury wood finishes, presents a world of exquisite textures and styles that allows you to curate an individual aesthetic with discerning taste. Highlight your home with the unique range of Italian finishesFinezza (PU Finishes), Lucido (Polyester Finishes), Creativa (Special Effect Finishes), Acquabella (Water-Based Series) and Tinte (Stain Series) from ICA.

Welcome, true Italian glamour to your homes that mirrors your taste and accentuates your style. A long-lasting finish that preserves the look of furniture and cabinetry, ICA’s Italian provenance brings to life an awe-inspiring spectacle with sensitivity to both quality and style.

With a commitment to delivering perfection, ICA’s technological innovations, in-depth research and development delivers products with maximized customer satisfaction and reduced environmental impact.

ICA innovative finishes for interiors and exteriors, wood, veneer and MDF, allows architects and interior designers to express their artistic sensibility in ways that are uniquely theirs to curate and express their philosophy. A timeless range of clear, colour, matt and textured finishes highlight the priceless settings of your home.

In many shades of joy, ICA’s Finezza polyurethane finishes from over 2300 colours, available in matte and gloss, transparent and pigmented variants—a ready canvas for you to paint your vision on, ideal for vibrant spaces.

Let your home speak for you with a mirror-like finish to your veneer furniture that emulates wood and shines bright in innovative eco-friendly solutions. Perfect for every project, highlight your contemporary furniture with the lustrous Lucido range of durable polyester finishes which are scratch and stain resistant in over 800 shades. 

Unleash the artist in you, with an ever-evolving palette and an unerring focus on design trends, there’s something for every designer and architect. ICA presents Creativa, a range of special effects reflecting your style and taste, the possibilities are limitless. 

Go green and glam, with the innovative and futuristic Acquabella series of water-based finishes that preserve the natural colour with reduced volatile organic compounds and odour making your home safe & beautiful. 

Add some drama and bring wood surfaces to life with ICA’s Tinte series of wood stains without concealing the noble grain or texture of the wood and celebrate quality, technology, and design, made in Italy.

Turn your surroundings into a masterpiece with Italian wood finishes that represents exceptional quality and finesse from the land of great interior design, and the preferred choice of Italy’s leading designers and designer décor brands.