House of Short Stories by Studio KE Architects unfolds picturesque tales

JUL 27, 2021 | By Kashish Kaushal
Blue Macaubas wall cladding from Classic Marble Company redefines the idea of luxury in the living room. Impeccable lighting elements like the ceiling light named Starry Light by Let There Be Light (LTBL) and L Lamp by Arjun Rathi shine against the Crema Marfil flooring from Elegant Marbles. The SnugHug Chairs accompanied with wood back couch and Flip-Flop table are courtesy Studio KE Architects; Stylist Samir Wadekar Photographs by Kuber Shah
A rich warmth in the primary bedroom is brought about by wood panelling which complements the Hazel Oak wooden flooring from Pergo and the Petra Fusion marble panelling from Classic Marble Company, by adding its inherent earthy and warm tones. The Sugarcane daybed by Studio KE Architects is an interesting traditional addition to the contemporary bedroom; Stylist Samir Wadekar Photographs by Kuber Shah

A home will always be the most enduring of all earthly establishments that offers comfort, utility and real happiness to its inhabitants. Keeping in mind the distinctive personalities, nuances and quirks of each member of the family, Studio KE Architects have designed a delightful house and called it the House of Short Stories. The logic behind such a thoughtful name was that each resident of the house had their own story to tell, and the designers found the narrative swiftly changing within the confines of a home.

“The house is like a collection of short stories that are bound together in a book with an underlying theme. Each space is a ‘story’ where the occupant is the protagonist and the common areas are where all their narratives intersect,” mention design principals of Studio KE Architects Esha Tipnis and Karan Danda

Five bedrooms, two balconies along with a living room, dining, kitchen and worship area encompass a carpet area of 3850 sq ft. Located in a stunning residential complex in Thane, the neighbourhood is a quiet and peaceful area with lots of foliage and proximity to Upvan Lake. The house is on the 20th floor and has gorgeous views of the mountains and the city. Abundant natural light floods the house from east and west directions.

A pastel version of the red Corsica flooring by Stonelite in the dining area blends well with the light marble flooring in the living area allowing for the volume to flaunt itself; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Lots of permutations and combinations were deployed to meet the demands of the inhabitants who had different visions for what their space would entail. Plethora of colours, textures and materials can be easily spotted that knit the blueprint together, conferring an exclusive design syntax. 

The guest bedroom offers a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Kluai pendant wall Lamp-Lemon Special Edition from Olie Studio, Scoop bed and integrated side tables and the Lemon Tart chair from Studio KE Architects add character to the space. Bedding from M2O and Aztec yellow printed pillow cover from Cotton and Satins impart comfort; Photographs by Kuber Shah

A large entrance foyer is designed as such that it also caters to the many visitors who stop by for business. An informal meet and greet office set up is provided to aid work related discussions. Further facilitating the stay of visitors, the entry to the guest bedroom is strategically placed at the ingress. Fresh and bright colours with hints of wood induce a vibrant and cheerful character to the guest bedroom.

A custom rug by The Weaver along with the Gatsby Ottomon from Josmo Studio cast a fresh elegance to the area. Grey living couch from Page 2813 and Nizara pillar cushion cover from Nicobar further accentuated the muted design scheme of the area; Photographs by Kuber Shah

The living room is crafted with careful consideration of the volume of the space that is endowed with ample natural light. To maintain a bright and fresh look, white oak wood has been used which is further contrasted with the Blue Macaubas, adding the right amount of playfulness to the area.

Great lighting creates depth and height, cosy spots, and draws attention to the most impressive areas. While the living room has the option of direct illumination via magnetic track lights along the expanse of the room, it is also equipped with customised indirect mood lighting. 

The inflow of natural light in the dining area represents a feeling of cosiness and comfort. Sunny Side Up lounge chair and Float your Boat dining table from Studio KE Architects encourages bonding within the family through every detail. Chintoo ceiling fan from Anemos Lifestyle and Focus floor lamp from LTBL blend seamlessly with its surroundings; Photographs by Kuber Shah

On the other end of the living room is an open dining area which is designed with a traditional Indian touch. The design inspiration for the area is derived from the client’s stories of sitting on a Geru floor which is red in colour. It is further connected to the kitchen and has a custom double door which offers a peek into the deliciousness inside. This semi-modular kitchen has a minimalistic design with clean cabinetry and platform finishes.

Sienna Distress terrazzo wall cladding by Classic Marble Company sets the tone of the daughter’s bedroom. Break the Bed and Cookie Crumbs side tables from Studio KE Architects adds to the chic character of the bedroom. Milk Texture cushion cover by AA Living and bed throw by M2O offer pleasant visuals; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Moving onto the bedrooms, each one hosts an array of design style, personalised as per the desires of each member of the family. Just like the rest of the house, a contemporary style language is effortlessly juxtaposed with Indian traditional, mid-century modern, modernist chic and eclectic styles.

Plain surfaces like the IPS wall finish by a local vendor in the daughter’s bedroom displays a former simplicity of time and design. Bathroom fittings by Kohler and Blue Whale bathroom dado and flooring by Classic Marble Company adds a sophisticated touch; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Both the daughters’ bedrooms reflect an inclination towards a much younger and chic design direction. While one room is bathed in shades of pink paired with muted grey, the other room brings back the charm of an older era with its raw material palette. 

The son’s bedroom witnesses a balanced harmony between the different materials, textures, and pantones. Hazel Oak flooring by Pergo offers a fitting contrast to the Sidekicks sidetable and Stubby the bed by Studio KE Architects. Giza Pillow from Nicobar and City Pleat bed comforter from DKNY establish their own identity in the space; Photographs by Kuber Shah

The son’s room however, resonates with the idea and musings of a bachelor pad. His infectious enthusiasm called for darker pantones and a desire for eclectic luxury. Throwing more light on the design strategy Tipnis shares, “We detailed his story around the main bed wall which not only brings in a grunge vibe through the exposed concrete texture, but also brings out a colour pop through the electric blue wood panelling.”

Inherent earthy and warm tones are introduced in the primary bedroom through Petra Fusion Marble wall cladding by Classic Marble Company. Bear Hug bed with integrated side tables by Studio KE Architects accompanied with Plum Barahmasa purple pillow cover by No-Mad ooze comfort; Photographs by Kuber Shah

Last but not the least, the primary bedroom was designed keeping in mind the familiarity of the couple with their traditional roots. A lot of different elements have been incorporated that aid in keeping up with the changing times for instance, the custom design wardrobe handles, bed legs and dresser table knobs, as well as the daybed and the TV console. The cane weaving adds to the texture and allows for a playful transparency to prevail in the bedroom.

The designers are also keen to shower appreciation where it is due. Contracting team Aakar Interiors have enabled the design with utmost precision. “Working with Abhay Oak from Aakar Interiors for contracting was a breeze. He was very excited to be involved with the project and was eager to try new things. His team was very proactive in the entire process because of which we could deliver an extremely well crafted home,” says Danda.

Keeping in mind the daughter’s affinity for shades of pink, the Candy Floss dresser chair by Studio KE Architects paints a pretty picture; Photographs by Kuber Shah

The House of Short Stories is largely based on nostalgia and warmth—reminiscent of simpler times. Designed with quiet contemplation in mind, this serene home is sumptuous in its simplicity. You don’t have to be a bibliophile to fall in love with the House of Short Stories!

Scroll down for more glimpses of the space—

White oak veneer from Timex Veneers gives a traditional touch along with Saturn pendant light from LTBL. Tailor made Eclipse dining chairs were made in house by Studio KE Architects; Photographs by Kuber Shah
Graphite dappled icicle pendant light from The Purple Turtles, Midnight Terracotta Vase from Ellementry and Marbo Pouffe from Josmo Studio emanate a warmth to the son’s bedroom; Photographs by Kuber Shah
The Chime pendant light by LTBL, Happy D2 bathtub by Duravit and bath fittings by Kohler furnishes the son’s bathroom completely; Photographs by Kuber Shah
The son’s bathroom comes together with Dalmata marble walls and Grey Orobico flooring by Classic Marble Company; Photographs by Kuber Shah
Balance Fold Series pendant lights from Studio Avni and Terracotta water bottle with sphere top from Ellementry presents a balance of traditional and modern design elements; Photographs by Kuber Shah
Wakati headboard by The Pure Concept, Mango pendant light by LTBL, Cufflinks side tables and Quadroo bed by Studio KE Architects tie the room together. Printed purple pillow cover by Contrast Living adds a pop of colour to the bedroom; Photographs by Kuber Shah
Artwork titled The Golden Light by Nitin Vare adorns the walls of the son’s bedroom; Photographs by Kuber Shah