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#HoliSpecial: Colour palettes inspired by India

MAR 23, 2016 | By Jaina Chandwany

Colour and the Indian festival of Holi have long been synonymous. As blues, reds and greens get splayed on our faces and thrown in the air, this melange of hues, however mismatched, are a sight to behold. How about incorporating the magic of the season in your interiors? Learn how to mix and match bold palettes with this playful guide…1. Chutney green with haute pink Pair tints of the freshly ground coriander with memories of your mother’s fuchsia Banarasi saree. Deep and rooted, this mix inspired by the pink city of Jaipur will stand out with punch and panache. 2. Kumkum red and raw mango greenRemember those green raw mangoes that grandmother used to make homemade pickles? Blend that shade with the vermilion red of a scared powder to evoke memories of a dear one. 3. Eggplant purple and turmeric yellow This one’s electrifying. It’s a match of extremities that will spellbound everyone. Take those deep shades of lavender and pair them with tones of the staple Indian masala for a space that’s energetic yet charming.4. Rani pink and turmeric yellowThink of blossoming hydrangeas spread against the feet of sandstone deities in traditional Indian temples. This tango is ideal for a soothing space that’s equally enviable.5. Cobalt blue and saffron orangeVisit a buzzing flower markets to get this one right where blue plastic baskets are filled with golden marigolds. Simply pair fiery hued accents against a blue wallpaper to get mixing and matching.6. Navy blue and royal redNail a royal durbar setting with this rich marriage. Gold lined accents against an dynamic red will instill just the right amount of drama. 7. Kite paper purple and sunset orangeThese hues that remind us of crushed ice sorbet or golas evoke memories of exotic childhood holidays. Mellow and deep, opt for this contrast that will make for beautiful and free spirited spaces.Also read: 15 best homes featured in ELLE DECOR