Here’s a doctor’s office we wouldn’t mind visiting!

JAN 28, 2020 | By Vedika Nair
CLOCKWISE, FROM LEFT The office space; The library; The bathroom; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia

To craft a space that emulates a warm aura, one that makes patients comfortable, Kiraan Aggarwal of Studio Querencia designed this clinic in Mumbai as a friendly, non-intimidating space. Meant for therapy sessions, the space also doubles up as a functional research space for the doctor and comes with an elaborate library unit, sufficient storage, functional pantry and full fledged bathroom space.

Located in an upscale Mumbai neighbourhood, the aesthetic of the space plays an integral part of the design process. The two key aspects were spatial and ornamental designs, both of which were equally important. For the spatial process, Aggarwal deconstructed and made optimal use of the available area. The focal point of this process was to make the outside zone more available to the public and the interior extremely private and comfortable.

The clinic is designed with a restrained material palette of wood, metal and veneer, and the overall essence is neutral with dark, wooden flooring and contrasting pale oak veneer with black accents. Extending to the bathroom is a chic and stylish look created using rectangular white tiles and pops of colour.