Muted and minimal: Halfdot from Jaipur imbibes minimalist furniture with warmth and life

APR 29, 2024 | By Team ELLE DECOR
Wooden elements bring warmth to an otherwise blain backgrounders; Photograph courtesy Halfdot
Enjoy the serenenity of evening tea in these beautiful mugs; Photograph courtesy Halfdot
The three founders of the brand; Photograph courtesy Halfdot

In a city which breeds crafts, emerges a new brand which is redefining simplicity. Halfdot from Jaipur is a lifestyle brand creating home decor. Immersed in subtlety, Halfdot is a testament to the Miesian adage: less is more. With a design philosophy that emphasises clean aesthetics and timeless designs, it is no surprise to see products that speak in muted tones of wood and marble. A cosy and snug aura permeates the collection, evoking the comfort of home with contemporary cohesiveness. 

Behind this philosophy are three formidable women — Mehak, Riya and Shreya. The trio is on a quest to find the perfect balance within spaces through their expertly crafted objects and conceptual pieces for your everyday life. They believe in making products with the core principles of functionality and minimalism that leave a lasting impression.

Wooden elements imbued with warmth; Photograph courtesy Halfdot


Unique wooden desk decorations; Photograph courtesy Halfdot


The centre table brings the room together, perfectly complementing the wood; Photograph courtesy Halfdot

Minimalism can be difficult to master, but not for Halfdot. The label creates furniture and objets d’art that radiate life. What sets Halfdot apart is the fact that their focus lies in blending utility and aesthetics for your everyday life, be it a clock for your office desk or the table on which you place your accompaniment snacks with your evening chai.

An assortment of novel objects crafted from marble; Photograph courtesy Halfdot


The wooden box is complemented by subtle gold elements; Photograph courtesy Halfdot


Simplicity is at its best with this mug; Photograph courtesy Halfdot


The combination of marble and gold exudes opulence; Photograph courtesy Halfdot

With a background in product design, the three founders bring together an effortless sophistication while peppering in unexpected details. They have successfully created an amalgamation of design, material and craft to bring a sense of calm and balance in every room their products are placed in. 

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