Habiqo Designs blends modernity and classicism of wood and marble in this Ahmedabad workspace

FEB 19, 2024 | By Fathima Ibrahim Movval
A deep aqua faced wooden clock is nestled within the warm embrace of the teak brown. Unfolding the alchemy of light and metal, the brass shelves adorned with brass artifacts and books elevate the space; Photography by The Space Tracing Company, Styling by Saniya Tadha
The continuity of the material creates a sense of uniformity. The textured character, like the soft vertical lines, breaks the monotony. The space elevates the cabinetry to a key architectural element. Rounded shapes define the furniture, with each piece a testament to the teak wood’s sublimity; Photography by The Space Tracing Company
Flex Stone’s exposed brown brick wall makes for a complementing contrast in the lounge room. The earth-toned space is gifted with a subtle shade of pastel blue mid-century modern couch. The black Italian marble coffee table with inky depths harmonises with the majorly favoured palette and amplifies the room's sophisticated air; Photography by The Space Tracing Company

The Girdhar Group’s 1,500 sq ft workspace, designed by architect Anmol Patel of Habiqo Designs is an embodiment of timelessness, infused with the scent of modern sophistication. The material-driven design embraces the vintage charm of wood, invoking a sensation of spatial tranquillity and faithfully reflects the owners’ preferences for a stimulating milieu.

A haven of warmth

Right at the entrance an abstract art piece by Saloni Dalal, invites a gaze of admiration, the curvy amber-hued teak wood walls reflect the rays of the setting sun painting the surroundings in its ethereal radiance while the customised furnishings at the waiting area demand unwavering attention. “My design philosophy focuses on blending functionality and aesthetics tailored to the client’s needs. The signature style in this space is evident in the timeless combination of wood and marble, earthy tones and strategic texture use” says Anmol Patel.

Bespoke hand-made furnishings crafted from teak wood and gleaming brass with an edge. Quartz grey Norisys TG9 switchboards are integrated into the smooth walls. White ceilings and neutral grey floor tiles with a classic touch add to the airiness of the space; Photography by The Space Tracing Company, Stying by Saniya Tadha


A sunlit passage beckons you towards the hidden lounge room. Master cabins and the staff room stand distinct on either side, separated by fluted glass doors maintaining privacy and uniformity. The entrance to the lounge room is marked by a wooden door adorned with wall art by Saloni Dalal; Photography by The Space Tracing Company

A classic juxtaposition

The contrasting materials sculpted into the most exquisite style emphasise elegance and splendour. An aesthetically pleasing meld of earth tones is used for the wooden volumes and marble elements whose versatility and presence are celebrated. 

Stepping into this space is like stepping into a sun-drenched wood. Every surface, from the walls to the furnishings, whispers exceptional craftsmanship and artistry. “The office embraces the timeless trend of combining wood and marble, a classic and luxurious design choice that exudes elegance and sophistication”, Anmol Patel highlights.

The Yantra painting, an intricately woven tapestry of sacred geometry exudes positivity and calmness. The master office table with a black Italian marble top stands out against the large windows that act as the cinematic frame for the cityscape; Photography by The Space Tracing Company


The fluted glass detailing carved into the wooden walls adds textural intrigue, maintaining an element of privacy while diffusing the natural light. The geometrical-shaped wooden artifacts are perched on the brass shelves with a sheen; Photography by The Space Tracing Company

Medley of light and hues

With the exposed brick wall, gleaming sun rays and the Bird of Paradise stretching its giant leaves, the private lounge room nurtures the space with homeliness, verdant essence and sheer comfort contributing to productivity and overall well-being. “I found designing the lounge room to be both the most challenging and enjoyable part of the project. Balancing diverse requirements and perspectives from different generations within the family was a creative challenge,” says Anmol.

There is a consistency in the use of similar materials throughout the space in distinct forms that unites the interior with a coherent single approach and at the same time smoothly separates each room through fluted glass doors, giving each space its own identity and character. 

The conference room bathed in light boasts a marble wall with cadmium and swirling sap green tones sourced from Lakshmi Marble. A boardroom table with a black Italian marble top commands an enigmatic presence; Photography by The Space Tracing Company


The jade-green leather sofa dominates the space without overpowering it and harmonises with the overall interior design. Crafted from honeyed teak, the accent table adds to the visual interest and functionality; Photography by The Space Tracing Company

Balancing functionality and sustainability

Habiqo Designs has crafted the sustainably harvested and durable teak wood maintaining its long grain as the canvas on which the marble and personalised décor are the stills of art, all worthy of being an heirloom.

Beyond aesthetics, it is an environmentally conscious design. Furnishings and installations are crafted from reclaimed and locally sourced materials to optimise utility and reduce carbon emissions. “We’ve incorporated reclaimed wooden logs for tables and shelves, contributing to the reuse of materials and promoting sustainability in the design”, says Anmol.

The lambency of the poised brass floor lamp casts an allure of golden charm. The smooth finish of the walls is warmed by the soft glow accentuating their natural grain; Photography by The Space Tracing Company


The powder bathroom is an amalgamation of textures and tones. A smoky grey, textured tile wall meets a monsoon grey marble surface, divided by a slender strip of black granite. Detailed wooden cabins with a black granite top offer a touch of warmth against the shadows; Photography by The Space Tracing Company

The fusion of elements, the interplay of light and hues and the commitment to sustainability form a narrative that transcends time. The workspace designed by Habiqo Designs stands at the nexus of heritage and contemporary vision in the architectural and design landscape.

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