Guess our Guest Editor…

AUG 30, 2016 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya

He is famed for giving designers some serious innovation goals with his unusual concepts. Incorporating old, familiar metaphors into his products to create functional art, this visionary has designed everything from furniture and interiors to cosmetics and eatables.

And this month, this design legend is here to let you in on his world. If you haven’t already guessed who he is then here are few more clues to help you out:

Hint 1: He made a curvy vase using hardboiled eggs in a condom as a mould.

Hint 2: He 3D printed images of variations of snot to craft these vases.

Hint 3: He tried his hand at food design – he made rice and herb snacks as an alternative to unhealthy French fries.

Hint 4: He designed the “Parents Collection” of furniture for kids to enjoy too.

Hint 5: He is famously known for his Knotted Chair.

Hint 6: He designed an “electrical” plug to monitor electrical consumption.

Hint 7: He was dubbed the Lady Gaga of Design, thanks to his unique designs!

Want to meet our Guest Editor? Stay tuned until September 6 when we reveal who he is!

Here’s what you can you expect: His upcoming collections, his favourite things to shop, a glimpse into his everyday life, cool decor tips and much more.