Guaranteeing solace replete with voguish elements, Patch Design Studio display infinite design possibilities in compact twin show apartments

JUN 22, 2021 | By Kunal Bhatia
The single BHK primary bedroom features glass shutters on the wardrobe giving this otherwise bulky element a lightweight appearance. An assortment of boxes and baskets take care of storage requirements; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia
A variety of materials, textures and elements come together in the living and dining areas of the two BHK show apartment; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia
The furniture layout is flexible and the smaller seating pieces can be moved around as needed in the living area of the two BHK apartment; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia
The architects achieved a visual connection and flow of light across the living, dining and kitchen areas of the one BHK apartment thanks to the open partition between them; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia

Compact yet comfortable, creative and chic—these are the words that instantly come to mind on stepping into these twin show apartments designed by Patch Design Studio. Commissioned by a leading developer in Mumbai, the design brief for both the apartments was to appeal to the project’s target customer base—young families aspiring for an upwardly mobile lifestyle with hints of luxury.

With the one BHK show apartment spread over a finite 400 sq ft, maximising space utilisation was a given for principal architects Rika Chaudhry, Ipsit Patel and Shruti Gaonkar. “We believe specific functional needs hold unique design opportunities and addressing them sensitively can lead to a balanced composition of utility and aesthetics,” says Patel.

Placing a bench against the window adds to the seating while also not blocking the view of the outside. The mood lighting and mix of textures create a plush ambience in this one BHK living space; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia

This is aptly demonstrated in the apartment, where the conventional wall between the living room and kitchen is replaced by a fluted glass partition. Incorporated within the partition is a breakfast counter with seating for two, adding a functional element to the partition’s lightweight design.

The lightweight furniture in the first apartment was designed by the architects completely in a single material—rubberwood. On the wall are line drawings inspired by motifs from Mumbai’s art deco buildings; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia

The main seating of the living area has been positioned against a concrete-finished wall which acts as the perfect subdued backdrop for the emerald-coloured upholstery as also for the monochrome art prints adorning the wall.

Complementing the solid upholstery is the patterned floor rug and graphical artworks on the wall; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia

At the other corner is the dining table, with chairs on one side and a bench on the other. The latter is not only more space-efficient but also brings in a visual variety to this set of furniture. Adding pops of colour are mustard cushions along with tableware in teal.

The dining table in the two BHK apartment was custom designed by Patch Design Studio in brass and marble; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia

Stepping further into the apartment, the bedroom has been devised as a calming space where whites and pastel dominate. Providing contrast are the deep blue headboard, matching hanging lights and cantilevered bedside brass shelves.

The lightweight partition between the living area and kitchen of the first apartment is made of fluted glass panels inset within a framework of powder-coated aluminium sections; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia

At 678 sq ft, the two BHK show apartment next door is marginally larger and the target audience here is a couple with a child. Chaudhry shares, “Like with the one BHK, here too the layout, size, fittings and floor finish are an exact replica of the actual apartments on sale. One of our aims with the show apartments’ designs is to showcase the possibilities of the space to potential buyers, and present a range of ideas that they can incorporate themselves.”

Eclectic artworks in this dining area of the second apartment include a collection of animals and birds; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia

The living room seating is spread across an L-shaped sofa, a pouffe and an armchair, all upholstered in shades of blue suede. Adding a sense of refined luxury are the varied elements in brass—from the conceptual wireframe console to the shelving unit that houses the TV and also the light fixtures.

Detail from the single BHK’s primary bedroom with a subtle overlay of textures and colours; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia

Having a bit more space to work with, the dining table is moved away from the corner and a wooden ledge has been incorporated along the backdrop wall to hold an assortment of pieces—books, candle stands, artworks and more. Continuing the brass accents from the living room is the backdrop wall of the primary bedroom. It features an extended dado of brass plates with a rhythmic groove pattern. In the kid’s bedroom, the architects have played with the notional form of a house by incorporating it into the bed’s frame. 

Adding to the richness of the double BHK’s main bedroom are elements in brass and the backlit wardrobe; Photographs by Kunal Bhatia

Gaonkar aptly concludes, “We enjoyed setting up this room the most as we handpicked books, props and toys. In a make-believe apartment, it is these smallest details that bring out the most unique character.”