Understated with undertones: A Kochi home draped in minimal-modern hints is designed by Greige Studio

JAN 22, 2024 | By Aanya Jain
A minimally designed staircase enhances the modern aesthetic of the home. The floor tiles are Terrazzo Bianco from ABC Emporio; Photography by Nathan Photographs
The pantry kitchen features a beige tile from ABC Emporio that is offset by cane and leather breakfast chairs from Homework Living. Pendant lights from The Bohra Lighting Company add a touch of modernity to the space; Photography by Nathan Photographs
A grey beton flake vitrified tile from ABC Emporio is offset by an accent chair from Destrezza. Green tinted lights from Interstellar Lighting add contrast along with the art from Espravo; Photography by Nathan Photographs

In the colourful city of Kochi, a 4,500 sq ft home brimming with subtlety and sophistication takes shape. Designed by Zaqia Kainikkara of Greige Studio, the home stays true to the firm’s moniker – wrapping itself in a mood of grey and beige. An escape from the previous style of the home, the spaces are minimal and muted, with a winning flair of modernity. 

Greige Studio
In the reflection of the wood edged mirror, is a bed sourced from Homework Living. The carpet is from Neytt; Photography by Nathan Photographs

Of textures and tones

Home to a couple and their son and twin daughters, the spaces were designed to evoke calmness and serenity through the use of colour, light and materials. Seemingly monochrome, small escapes from the muted palette add life to the spaces, defining one from another. Ample natural light trickles in from the renovated windows and skylights. “We focused on open spaces, clean lines and neutral colour palette”, explains Zaqia. 

The kitchen features a beige tile from ABC Emporio, offset by cane-leather breakfast chairs from Homework Living and Pendant lights from The Bohra Lighting Company; Photography by Nathan Photographs

Minimal yet homely

This home, more than any other, shows the importance of materials and colour. As one enters into the informal living room, the moss green of the sofa plays with ash wood and beige accent chairs to bring a feeling of relaxation. The neutral tones like beige, off-white and grey are complemented by the warm hues of wood.

The door to the formal living room is striking, with botanical illustrations that draw intrigue from the otherwise muted spaces. 

A moss green sofa from Homework Living in the informal living room is paired with a custom console from Doyd Interiors and carpet from Neytt. The decor and soft furnishings have been sourced from Rock, Paper, Scissors, Earthy Space and H&M Home; Photography by Nathan Photographs


Greige Studio
Dining chairs from Homework Living with a burnt sienna fabric, are paired with a custom dining table from Doyd Interiors and pendant lights from Dtale Modern; Photography by Nathan Photographs

The choice of materials like natural tiles adroitly add to the textural depth in the kitchen and pantry area. United by terrazzo floors, the pantry and dining zones flow into one another. The dining room flaunts a beige marble table, contrasted by burnt sienna chairs and touched with rattan chairs by the breakfast counter.

Beside the dining area is the perfectly placed ladies lounge. The sunlight streaming in from the pergola is amplified by the wall of mirrors. The glamour of the mirrored wall is toned down by the rattan and wood framed partition door to the prayer room.

The Ladies Lounge features chairs and a table from Homework Living. A cane light by Dtale modern is suspended from the pergola like ceiling; Photography by Nathan Photographs

Each of the 5 bedrooms is an oasis of its own, drawing a fine line between comfort and style. Earthy tones and natural textures flow seamlessly, while the choice of upholstery brings a sense of luxury.

Greige Studio
In the main bedroom, a bed from Homework Living sits in the company of a rug from Neytt. The pendant light is from The Bohra Lighting Company; Photography by Nathan Photographs


In the son’s room, a bespoke bed along with side tables by Homework Living sit atop a rug from Neytt. Flanking the art from Espravo are wall lights sourced from Orabel lighting; Photography by Nathan Photographs


Greige Studio
A bespoke bench from Dtale Modern foots the bed atop a rug from Neytt. Artwork from Espravo is placed between pendant lights from Orabel Lighting; Photography by Nathan Photographs

A sophisticated sanctuary

True to Greige Studio’s design philosophy, the home is defined by functionality, minimalism and simplicity. The strong narrative of clean yet warm spaces is carried out to the finest of details. The careful consideration of fabric shades, glass tints and even door knob polishes have elevated this home to the heights of sophistication. 

The wash counter with beige grooved shutters and small round knobs, is tucked within a wall niche; Photography by Nathan Photographs


A wine coloured sofa from Destrezza commands attention. The floor lamp sourced from Orabel Lighting complements the custom art print from Espravo; Photography by Nathan Photographs

“A space that showcases my signature style would be the dining area, where the use of natural light through the vertical windows elevates the simple elegance of the minimalist furniture,” explains Zaqia. Describing the spaces as “peaceful, cohesive and cosy,” the team at Greige Studio have ensured that it embodies the vision set out for it.

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