Goa gets its butterfly wings with new culinary outpost: Titlie

NOV 15, 2019 | By Vedika Nair

Nestled in the portkey to paradise–Goa, and set against the picturesque canvas of Orzan beach in Vagator is Titlie, a new tavern that offers the most captivating sunset views. Conceptualised by Tarun Sibal, Bipin Sibal, Karrtik Dhingra and Shyaam Khurrana, this restaurant gives you a fusion of Indian and global experiences.

“Titlie, named after the butterfly, symbolises the sensorial memories of our daily transformative journeys through life. Goa’s multifaceted spirit; the enigmatic expanse of the ocean, inspiring relaxation and romance and above all, the unforgettable sunset views represent so much more than just the sum of all ingredients,” says Tarun. Featuring a contemporary-rustic aesthetic with pastel colours and dashes of green, Shweta Kaushik of SK.ID crafted this tavern taking inspiration from Susegad’s eclectic vibe. With collaborative cuisine as one of their highlights, Titlie is a gastronomic melting pot featuring food curated by Chef Tarun Sibal. You can choose from the diverse spread of Charred Sourdough with orange peel butter, green mascarpone and guava chilli jam, or Porcini French Toast. Pick among the classic Goan dishes with an added twist like Pulled Pork Vindaloo with sauerkraut, Pressed Pork Belly with apple cider; or Seared Goat Meat with a maple whiskey wash.

Quench your thirst with Titlie’s specials, concocted by one of India’s finest mixologists, Yangdup Lama. The bar menu also features the aforementioned in-house tinctures and bitters, a cornucopia of local produce, Goan Feni and Goan Whiskey including the Austin Tower Old Fashioned. The Saligao Straight celebrates Goan mahua, while Cocktail De Ponas serves up tropical vibes. Majorda Mist hints at feistiness and the classic G&T gets a Titlie twist.