Glass Act: Clear pieces in unique forms

OCT 9, 2015 | By Risha Merchant
Multi 3 wood and glass frame, ribbed candle holder, candy jar and 3 Aperture wood & glass frame from Home Centre; Compote on pedestal with lid and Olya Vase by LSA from MoonRiver; Elegance vase and green plastic Onion Balls from Pure Home + Living; Hand blown conical decanter from Second Floor Studio;

Angel figurines and showpieces are pretty passé. See clearly now – statuesque glassware can really put on a show and liven up any barren corner or display cupboard.

Easy and unpretentious, these transparent products – candle holders, candy jars, bowls and vases, even picture frames – not only look elegant when put together but also play the disappearing act to let bold colour and pattern take centre stage.

To create a story, put together three uniquely shaped or textured objects…a photo frame with a dark or black border behind will tie this combination together.

Don’t have vases? Bring out the goblets – yes, that wedding present you haven’t opened yet – and see what kind of “installation” you can create!